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Send Valentine's Day Love With Shari's Berries

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The month of January is flying by and before you know it, we will be in February!! I cannot believe how quickly time has gone by in this new year. February is a very special month. Not only is it my birthday month (and my mom and dad's birthdays too!) but it is also the month of chocolate, flowers and Valentines. I love Valentine's Day and all that goes with it. My children have not yet experienced the joy of exchanging Valentines with each other but they are getting to an age when it will become a fun time for them as well. I have very fond memories of this special day as a child...especially memories of my daddy bringing home a carnation for each of his daughters. He sometimes brought us chocolate made us feel so loved and special. Dads, take note. This is a wonderful tradition to start with your daughters.
So in thinking ahead to Valentine's Day, we are going to focus on something other than flowers and plain chocolates. Have you ever considered giving your Valentine something chocolatey, but something that is a bit different than the ordinary box of Russell Stover? Well, for all your unique and delicious shopping needs, Shari's Berries has some fantastic Valentine's Day gift ideas for this very special, warm and snuggly time of year. In case you have never heard of Shari's Berries, here is a bit more about them...

Here at Shari’s Berries, we get excited about Valentine’s Day.  The holiday is just around the corner on February 14th, and it’s time to make sure you have everything ready to remind that special someone how important he or she is to you.  From traditional gift options such as Valentine’s Day chocolates, to more unique gifts like our Handmade Valentine’s Marshmallow Pops, you can find a delicious present that will fit the tastes of any recipient.

Who doesn’t love a total out-of-the-blue surprise? Don’t wait for a special occasion, a birthday or a distinct celebration! The best time to give a surprise chocolate gift is any time. And there’s no better way to show someone you care than with a whimsical sweet treat straight from the gourmet gift experts here at Shari’s Berries. We’ve always got an appetite for making someone’s day, you don’t have to be saying happy birthday or congratulations, just say bon appetit and enjoy! Whether you opt for a whimsical assortment of our decorated cake pops, a tray of intensely flavored chocolate brownie bites, a basket of comforting cookies or one of our classic chocolate-dipped berry assortments, the choice is yours and the opportunities for eating well are endless!

I don't think anyone has ever sent me a gift like the ones found at Shari's Berries...what a treat it would be to receive one of their lovely treats!! When I visited their website, I was overwhelmed at all the choices that were before my eyes. There truly is something for everyone! Navigating the Shari's Berries website was so simple. You can search for what you want by occasion and also by using the search box found on the site.
So, for this review I chose to receive the 3 Love Bug Cake Pops &12 Valentine's Strawberries. I am a huge cake pop fan and when I saw these little Love Bug Cake Pops, I fell in love with them. :)
They come beautifully packaged and look very elegant...there is also a nice gift tag with a personalized message that can be included if you choose to have one sent with the package.
The Love Bug Cake Pops are SO CUTE!!! Ahhhh!! I just love them! They look so cute all decorated like lady bugs. My children were chomping at the bit to try them. I got to try a bite of one...they were gone in an instant.
The frosting on the Love Bug Cake Pops was perfect...decorated in detail, it will make your heart go pitter-patter in no time at all. They are so cute!! The filling taste and texture reminded me of fudge rather than cake. Wow. It was wonderful.
As you can see, my son loved his little Love Bug Cake Pop. It took him a little while to eat the whole thing but it was definitely a welcome treat.
Next, I knew the Valentine's Chocolate Covered Strawberries were all mine. :) Upon opening the box, I was greeted with a nice foil padded cover that protected the strawberries from being crushed. Each strawberry was placed carefully in a tray and was set on a small paper coaster. These strawberries are HUGE!
The first strawberry I tried was totally drenched in chocolate and then dipped in mini chocolate chips. It is recommended that you enjoy these strawberries at room temperature and I know why they recommend that. When I bit into one, it was cold and the chocolate fell off the strawberry. It didn't stick and I think if it was room temperature, it would have stayed together better.
Even though the chocolate was breaking and falling off the strawberry, it was still so scrumptious. The strawberries themselves are huge, sweet and juicy. Each bite was yielding a mouthful of juice. I would say that the chocolate is not really is very good, just not what I would consider amazing. Together, the chocolate and strawberry combination was wonderful!! If you love fruit with chocolate, then this would be for you!!
Along with this  3 Love Bug Cake Pops & 12 Valentine's Strawberries gift package, you can also choose from other lovely gifts for Valentine's Day...check out those Truffles pictured above...YUM!! I have such a big place in my heart for Truffles. :) The 3 Love Bug Cake Pops & 12 Valentine's Strawberries retails for $54.97. To me, these are not really worth that much money. I had a friend over and she tried them (and loved them!) but she said flat out that she would not pay that much for chocolate covered strawberries. I can assure you that if you were giving them to someone really special and price was not an issue, these would be perfect and the recipient would absolutely love them!

Also, I would like to add that you can access  coupon codes for Shari's Berries by googling  "Red Envelope Coupons," "Personal Creations Discounts," etc. or by clicking here. This will definitely save you some cost when it comes to purchasing some of these lovely gift packages from Shari's Berries.

You can check out Shari's Berries on Facebook and also on Twitter. They always have something fun going on and are always looking for ideas and suggestions so be sure you visit them and see what special deals they are gearing up for this Valentine's Day!
So, in my opinion...Shari's Berries is a lovely company. I loved the Love Bug Cake Pops and Valentine's Strawberries that I was sent. My experience with this company has been very positive; everything from the shopping experience to enjoying the strawberries and cake pops was amazing. They truly have a wonderful selection and will meet any need that you may have to fill this Valentine's Day. Go ahead...make some one's day and make it a sweet one!

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive free Shari's Berries products for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from the Shari's Berries website and email. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. 

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