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BrainFood Learning - Fascinating World of Birds DVD Review

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One of the benefits of having a new house that backs up to a field is being able to enjoy nature. Growing up, my dad would always put up bird feeders and we would LOVE to watch the birds come and feed. Now that I am a mommy I enjoy passing along  my memories of bird-watching to my children. We weren't in the  new house a month and we had to go buy a bird feeder. :) My knowledge of birds has been pretty good but I don't know as much as I would like. Sooo, when the opportunity arose to review a DVD about birds, I jumped at the chance...especially since this particular DVD is geared towards children of all ages.
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BrainFood Learning is a company that was founded by a husband/wife team who are parents of two small children. Their desire for stimulating and interesting content for children that educates as well as entertains led them to create the "Fascinating World Of..." DVD series. My children LOVE anything that has nature in it and I have difficulty finding material that is educational as well as entertaining...the same problem Bryce and Jennifer Mooney had. As you can see from the DVD cover pictured above, they definitely have mastered the "catch the eye" marketing tactic! I love all the colors and knew that my children would love this DVD.
So, for this review I was sent the Fascinating World Of Birds DVD, which retails for $14.99. As soon as it arrived, I opened my box and was immediately excited for my children. Not only was I excited for them, I was excited for me too!:)  I too have a love for nature films and was very much looking forward to enjoying this with my children.
I love the way this DVD is laid out. There are beautiful and bright pictures of birds, both backyard birds and exotic birds. My children have very little knowledge of anything that is found outside of our backyard and so this was really neat for them to see. Here is a quick preview of this DVD...
I learned some very interesting facts about birds, such as the Ostrich. Did you know that they Ostrich's eye is about the size of their brain? This means that they are NOT very smart. HA HA! I can see why. :) Also, when you hear the terms "bury your head in the sand", this is used in conjunction with what the ostrich supposedly does. They don't actually bury their heads in the sand, they are actually tending to eggs in their nest...turning them to help in incubation. They also have about 2 pounds of stones in their gizzard to help aid in digestion. THAT was something I did not know prior to watching this DVD. My children especially loved the part of the Ostrich was entertaining to watch these huge birds run around a track with a rider on their backs.
Another thing that was in this DVD that I liked was that they would say a word that wasn't well-known and then would define that word so your child could understand the meaning. This also helped me to better understand different types of birds and some of their features.
The other section that I love is the Review section. This basically quizzes your child on the information that they just viewed on the DVD. My oldest daughter knew most of the answers and she certainly learned a lot about different birds.
Not only can you get the Fascinating World of Birds DVD, but you can also buy the Fascinating World of Mammals DVD as well as the Fascinating World of Insects DVD. For me, I have small children that sometimes need a bit of distraction in their day and I have found that popping in my BrainFood Learning DVD has helped curb some boredom for them.
I love the fact that I am not just sitting them down for some senseless movie watching, but rather I am giving them the opportunity to learn something while enjoying some pictures and scenery of God's beautiful creation. One more thing that I want to note is that you can download a really neat lesson plan for each DVD, including the one I received. Each lesson plan has numerous worksheets that incorporate reading, writing and science, based off of the information found in the DVDs. You can check out those lesson plans by clicking here.
So, when I ask my children if they want to watch the "Bird DVD", they whole-heartedly answer "YES!!!!". This makes my mommy heart happy and I am always more than willing to allow them the pleasure of viewing this DVD. My family and I have really enjoyed getting to know our birds a bit better and hope that you would check out BrainFood Learning for yourself. It is truly a great investment and now that I have the Fascinating World of Birds DVD, I want the rest!!! Discover God's creation in a new and exciting way and watch your children learn and have fun learning at the same time.

Several other of my Crew mates have reviewed this and other BrainFood learning DVD's and you can check out their great reviews below. Thanks for reading!
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