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Your Official Summer Sunburn Treatment: SunBurnt Gel and First°Degree Burn Cream {Review}

3:18 PM is August 13th and still, we are enjoying summer. Summer brings so many fun, outdoor activities; swimming, boating, picnics and barbecues, playing at the park, visiting local fairs and carnivals and just being outside. The only unpleasant thing about summer is the fact that the sun's rays are so hot and dangerous, I have to slather my children with sunscreen before doing anything outside. Their tender skin gets burnt so easily. I remember one FEBRUARY we took a trip to Florida and my daughter was 6 months old at the time. We spent a good amount of time outside and she got soooo burnt. I don't remember now why she was burnt so badly...I think I just forgot to put sunscreen on her. So sad. She didn't complain too much but I sure did feel bad about it. Then, there was the time we went to an Airshow and I got a bad case of sun poisoning. I was burnt badly and felt like I had a fever. It was horrible. I was very appreciative for sunburn remedies that I had laying around the house during the recovery period of that burn. was bad.
When it comes to treating a sunburn, there are many options available. Today, I wanted to take a minute to tell you about two products that I have tried and have found that they work beautifully. SunBurnt and First°Degree are a cream and a gel that were created by a company called Welmedix, which is a leading over-the-counter wound care company. Here is a bit more about these products...which can quickly become a favorite for all of us moms...

SunBurnt® is formulated specifically to address the key symptoms of sunburn: overheating and dryness of skin, peeling, pain and redness. Its natural homeopathic extracts act safely and effectively to (1) cool overheated skin, (2) soothe and hydrate skin, and (3) reduce the appearance of unsightly redness & peeling. SunBurnt’s homeopathic active ingredients work with the body’s natural healing mechanism to restore the skin’s health and moisture balance.
Only SunBurnt® after sun gel contains a patented combination of three active naturals plus non-sticky aloe to provide superior after sun recovery.

First°Degree® Burn Cream:  First°Degree® is an over-the-counter cream specially formulated to care for and treat epidermal burns that occur in the everyday home setting, while cooking, grilling, curling or straightening hair, and working in the garage.  It soothes and cools the burn, protects against infection, and helps reduce the appearance of scars.  Its unique patented actives work with the body to help heal minor burns; providing a more complete burn care solution for consumers.  

Outdoor burns are bad enough but how about those burns you acquire while working in and around the house? I was burned once by escaping steam that came from my crock pot lid being lifted. WOW, that hurt really, really bad. I was really excited to learn about these two products and about the opportunity to try them out for myself. Summer is not over yet and sunburns are still happening.
So, for this review I was sent a tube of SunBurnt Gel and a tube of First°Degree Burn Cream. I really didn't have the opportunity to use these until this past weekend. Our family went to a huge county fair and I made sure the children had sunscreen on but I didn't put any on. The reason for this is because I like a little color but sadly, I got more than a "little" color.
I really REALLY like the SunBurnt Gel. This is so easy to use and brings immediate relief. One thing about sunburns is that they can dry out your skin terribly. Your skin can feel tight and honestly, that is one of the worst feelings. The burning of a sunburn is seemingly incurable at times, depending on the severity of the burn. I found that my most sun burnt area on my body was my face. The only white part of my skin was around my eyes where I had sunglasses on. Other than that area, I was red. Lobster red. This gel felt wonderful. It soothed, hydrated and really made my skin feel nice all around. I am definitely keeping this handy for future is great! SunBurnt retails anywhere from $4.99 to $9.99 depending on the size and you can find it CVS and Walgreens.
Along with SunBurnt, I used the First°Degree Burn Cream. This cream is for sunburns but can also be used for household burns and burns that are acquired by doing work outside on the grill, around lawnmowers, etc. This product is an actual cream that is designed to prevent infection (never had that before), reduce scarring and soothe the pain that burns cause. Whenever I get a really bad sunburn, I have difficulty sleeping because of pain. This cream was great for that because it really calmed the pain down significantly. The scent is not unpleasant at all and it is nice to have a cream that goes on easy and makes you feel better. My children do get sunburns on occasion and this cream is good for the entire family...good to know! First°Degree can be purchased at mass retailers and drug stores across the country and will cost $6.74 for the burn cream and $7.99 for the Burn Spray at most retailers.
So, in my opinion...SunBurnt Gel and First°Degree Burn Cream are wonderful products. I found that they effectively treated my sunburn and really did leave my skin feeling soft and nourished. With summer coming to a close, make sure you have a good supply of these two products on hand for those pesky burns that can happen. Also, remember that you can also get sunburned in the winter time when doing activities like skiing, ice skating and sled riding. The sun's rays are still powerful even in the winter so you might still want these products for that time of year as well. Please check out SunBurnt and First°Degree today and be prepared for whatever the sun might bring your way.

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive free products for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from the SunBurnt and First°Degree website and email. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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