Recovering. :(

12:07 PM

This has been one tough weekend. On Friday night, my family and I went out. We had just loaded the  children into the stroller and were headed down a sidewalk. As we were walking, I suddenly had shooting pain in my right foot. I looked down only to see a small board stuck on my shoe. I tried to remove my shoe but very quickly realized that it was nailed to my foot. I had stepped on a board with  four nails sticking out of it. :( We notified a nearby police officer and he called an ambulance. My only concern was that I had not had a Tetanus shot in the past 10+ years and because the nails were rusty, I feared for infection. The paramedics came and cleaned the four holes and bandaged my foot and my husband took me to an Urgent Care center as it would be quicker than going to an ER.  After a Tetanus shot, x-rays and the doctor examining my foot, I was sent home to recover. And that is where I have been ever since. Not being able to put any pressure on my foot has been bothersome...and the pain is not fun either. Hubby has been taking good care of me and although my foot is swollen, it is not looking infected...which is wonderful. I will probably be calling in reinforcements when hubby goes back to work as I cannot really do much.

So, if you have any good advice as far as foot soaks/ pain relief goes, PLEASE share them. I am probably looking at about a week of recovery and could use all the advice I can get. Hope your weekend has been better than mine and that the week to come will be a good one! :)

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  1. That is horrible. Speedy recovery! Try soaking your foot in Ebsom Salts. It's a great natural healing remedy.

  2. So very sorry to hear this. When I was a child and had a pin go all the way thru my big toe I remember soaking in epsom salts dissolved in warm water. I'd be afraid to tell you anything to do that they didn't tell you, but personally I enjoy a good warm, soothing soak in epsom salt.

    I hope it heals quickly and you are "back on your feet" soon.

  3. I hope you have a speedy recovery. I cannot imagine the pain this injury could cause. Feel better soon.
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  4. I have a nail and glass go through my foot. Not fun at all! Alternating from an ice pack to a warm heating pad or hot water bottle could help with both pain and swelling. Maybe get the Mr to check your local pharmacies for spray pain relievers or numbing creams?


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