Explore the Magic of Steel through Steelies

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Remember when you played marbles as a little kid? The best one to have was a huge masher. That was the one that knocked all of the other marbles around, but the second best marble was a steely. These were the ones that were made out of metal. They were shiny even after being flicked into the dirt and smashed by the masher. It was never really clear what other properties there were that made the steely better than any of the glass marbles. It just seemed like they were futuristic, and in the logic of childhood, metal was heavier than glass, so they were probably harder to move than the other marbles. Now that you are older, you do not have to live with just little balls of steel, you can get a Miami steel distributor to deliver all sorts of great steel constructions.

Someone who might need access to steel is an artist who specializes in outdoor art installations. Steel stands up well to weather issues and even brings some life to the sculpture as its patina changes with the light, the time of year, and finally with age. As anyone who has taken a metal shop class, working with metal is very primal. Even with the safety gear, there is heat, fire, and sparks that speak of times past, even if they never really occurred that way for our ancestors. Wouldn't it be cool to see an installation of giant marbles in glass and steel?

Nostalgia and Family Memories
Now, that you are older, you may see the ridiculousness in child logic, but pick up a steely and compare it to some glass marbles and see if you do not conjure of the same magic that these toys had when you were young. A Miami steel distributor might not actually deliver steelies to you unless you request them in bulk, but wouldn't it be cool to teach your kids an old school game? Memories are made from the time spent together doing things not from the time spent in front of a monitor of any type.

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