How to Create Cookie Gift Baskets

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It’s often a nice gesture to give your neighbor, co-worker, teacher, or boss a goodie basket. It lets that person know he or she is appreciated and gives them something yummy to munch on. Cookies by Design gift baskets and other cookie baskets are something a whole family can enjoy. Cookies are small, subtle, and sweet, so unless you’re diabetic or on a diet, you can enjoy them to your heart’s content. You can order a gift basket of cookies, or you can make cookies to put in a basket you decorate yourself.

Displaying the Cookies

First, make your cookies. You can buy cookies, but homemade treats often taste better and add a more personal touch. Cater your recipe to the tastes of your recipient, or go with a popular recipe if you’re unsure what he or she likes. Then take out a basket that you are sure will accommodate all the cookies you wish to store. Wrap each cookie or a set of cookies in cellophane or plastic baggies. Next, add to the basket filler paper made out of shredded construction paper or tissue paper. Add a centerpiece if you so choose. This can be a toy, figurine, book, or a decoration that will remain after all the cookies are consumed. Line the cookies one stack at a time starting in the back and build on one another. Try to layer and angle the cookies so they are facing the viewer in the front. Another way to display cookies is to put them on a stick or around a foam ball. It’s all a matter of preference and creativity when setting up these cookies. Just be sure that your cookies are lined up and look neat and orderly. Otherwise, they may crumble and may not be so enticing to eat.
Wrapping the Basket

Now that your cookies are securely placed in the basket, you may wrap the package. Cut out colored cellophane so that it will wrap entirely around the basket. You will secure the top part with a ribbon. Feel free to add a bow or any other decorative elements. You can attach a tag to the ribbon to let the recipient know who the basket is from. For more ideas, go online to learn more about Cookies by Design gift baskets.

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