Coffee-Mate Free Flavor Friday Freebie on Facebook...BLAH.

1:47 PM


Well, I waited for this one but Coffee Mate never came through for me. I was disappointed. Looks like there were alot of people waiting. I am curious...did any of YOU get a coupon? Alot of people were saying that this looked like a hoax...?

Each time I tried the tab for Free Flavor Friday I got a blank screen. When I tried their website, I got a "server busy" notification message. What a bummer!

Look...I know that they probably got an overwhelming response...but maybe there could have been something they could have done to help. Like...updating their page?

Oh well...I still like Coffee Mate, they just need to work on their marketing and giveaway skills! :)

I'de LOVE to know if you got a coupon! How long did you wait before you were able to get one?

*********UPDATE>>> Click on THIS LINK to get a coupon for a free Bottle of Coffee Mate

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