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I can't remember just when I started to drink coffee, but it was when I was still in high school. To me, coffee was a way to warm up on a cold morning and to give me a bit of a caffeine "buzz" to jump start my day. Usually, I drink my coffee with a bit of French Vanilla creamer to add a bit of sweetness to it. I cannot imagine drinking my coffee black...maybe I will get into it someday, but for now~I will stick to my French Vanilla creamer!

I have a wonderful coffee company to introduce to all of you today and their coffee is superb! Founded in 2006 by a local Italian family, Parisi Artisan Coffee is based out of Kansas City, Missouri and creates some of the best coffee that I have tasted in a long time! I think part of the reason that their coffee is so good is the fact that they put alot of effort into making sure the beans are the best that they can find and these beans come from family farms world wide. The quality of the coffee bean is sooo important when you are looking for the best tasting coffee. Parisi Artisan Coffee uses only the best green Arabica coffees from around the world.

Here is a bit more about Parisi Artisan Coffee company...

At Parisi Artisan Coffee®, our work is never done. We are on a constant quest for the best tasting coffee available on earth.

To achieve the perfect taste experience, we start with the best green Arabica coffees from regions all over the globe.

Those green coffees that are good enough for our customers will be delicately slow roasted to absolute perfection, under the constant watch of our artisan roast master. Our secret roasting technique preserves the precious flavor tones of our coffees of origin, while caramelizing them into a euphoric taste experience. No two coffees are the same, so we roast them each in their own special way. There is nothing "automated" or "factory-like" about our roasting. This is a true craft.

The fruits of our labor are wonderfully unique coffees of origin, full- bodied blended coffees, and the smoothest espressos you will ever taste. We also offer the most extensive line of chemical free decaffeinated coffees in our region, using the Royal Select water process.Whether you are enjoying a cup of Parisi® at your favorite restaurant, coffee shop or your kitchen table, you can be assured that we were looking out for your taste experience every step of the way.

One of my favorite parts about drinking coffee is the aroma. My husband is not a coffee drinker, but he will open the canister and inhale the aroma! He LOVES the smell of fresh coffee! Right away, when I received my Parisi Artisan Coffee in the mail I immediately knew what it was by the beautiful aroma coming from the package! Parisi Artisan Coffee considers coffee making an art...and it really shows by the high quality of this coffee!

For this review, I was sent two bags of coffee. I was sent the Organic Bolivia Coffee and the Espresso Parisi Coffee. Both of these came in bean form. I do not have a grinder so I borrowed one from my mom and ground my coffee. Man oh man...did my kitchen ever smell like a cafe'! I could not WAIT to taste this coffee!
The Organic Bolivia Coffee has a mild flavor with hints of milk chocolate. I thought the flavor was just right for my taste. When it comes to coffee, I usually drink decaf as I breastfeed my baby and don't want him to stay awake until next Christmas! But for this review, we both "suffered" (ha ha!!!) and enjoyed the caffeine of this wonderful coffee! (And he did sleep well even though he enjoyed the coffee!)
If you like Espresso, then you are sure to LOVE the Espresso Parisi coffee. The flavor is a blend of sweet and full-bodied coffees and the roast type is medium/dark. This coffee definitely is a bit bolder in flavor to me, but with my French Vanilla creamer...I was able to get the flavor to my exact level.

Parisi Artisan Coffee offers many different types of coffees on their website, so you will be able to find your perfect match! They have decaffeinated blends, organic and fair trade blends, and roasts and special blends.

Also offered on Parisi Artisan Coffee's site are Gift Sets and Samplers so you can please that hard-to-buy person...or try out smaller amounts of the coffee before you buy a full-sized bag. GREAT idea!

Be sure to check out Parisi Artisan Coffee on Twitter as well as on Facebook. I am sure they would love for you to visit them and give them a follow! You will also be able to keep up with news and product announcements that way.
So, in my opinion...Parisi Artisan Coffee is a really fabulous company. I love the rich and full flavor of both of the coffees that I was sent for this review. The selection of coffee that they offer is wonderful and the price is very affordable. I appreciate the fact that their beans are from family farms and that they have a high standard when it comes to quality. Lovely tasty coffee, equals a great morning!

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive two free 12 oz bags of coffee for review purposes. All quotes are from the Parisi Artisan Coffee website and email. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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