I Know My Car!

2:11 PM

My most recent job was working for an automotive dealer as an administrative assistant. I was pretty impressed with myself for being able to name different makes and models of cars as well as for being able to identify certain auto parts. When I would get my own car serviced, it was really great to know that I understood what was being done to my car and why.

Now that I have been a stay at home mom for over 3 years I guess you could say I have some automotive experience under my belt. I was not a technician but I certainly think I know a bit more than the average female going into a dealership looking for service work on my vehicle. You can imagine the look of surprise when a service advisor looks at me and I actually KNOW what he is talking about by answering his questions concisely and clearly. It certainly takes them back a bit when they realize that they have someone who knows what they want.

So, I am really thankful for the way that I have been able to learn and become educated when it comes to vehicles...especially since females sometimes get taken advantage of. Because of my experience, I now consider myself a smarter woman standing in the automotive dealership!

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  1. That is great , my mother always gets taken advantage of , my father passed when I was little , and wish she would have learned some things like this ! I know a little bit , but not as much as I should, being my husband is a mechanic (hobby) , Good for you !!


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