Keeping Your Family Healthy This Winter

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I LOVE the fall and winter months. The cooler (freezing) weather can be such a relief after a sweltering summer and I enjoy being able to layer clothes and take off some layers when it gets warm. There is one thing that I really do not enjoy about these months and that is the fact that germs are out and about...preying after my family. I HATE getting sick and having my children get sick is even worse. I can tolerate a cold but watching them suffer is just not fun. So, in looking ahead at the upcoming cold and flu season, I have some tips to help you prepare and prevent illness in your family.
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The first thing that I do is to make sure I have lots of Vitamin C on hand. It is really beneficial to start taking Vitamin C long before you get sick so that you can have a built-up immune system when germs show up. I also love to have some Zinc Lozenges around as well. With children, it is important to have a chewable vitamin that they can take each morning...preferably a multi-vitamin that will give them a full dose of vitamins. I have small children so this is what I am going to do. 

The second thing that I do is make sure I have several containers of Lysol Disinfecting Wipes in my cupboards. These are pretty amazing and I was introduced to them by my mom. She uses them in the bathroom, kitchen and other areas of the house that get alot of use. I love to use them on my doorknobs, keyboards, phones, microwave & refrigerator handles and my changing table surface. There are several scents to choose from so you can pick out which scent you like the best (My personal favorite is lemon). 

Third, I find it very helpful to practice good hand-washing techniques with my daughter. My son is still too young to stand at the sink but I hold him up and help him wash. She has a little soap that looks like a bear and this really helps her to focus and do a good job washing up. Oh yes...and if you are going to teach good hand-washing techniques, you need to be a good example and practice those techniques yourself. :) Little eyes are watching you. 

Lastly, if I hear that someone is sick I try to stay away from them. This is NOT an un-thoughtful thing to fact, it will protect your family more than you know. I am adamant at church about not letting people hold my children if they or someone in their house is/has been sick recently. I am also very strict about taking my children out if they are if I am being considerate, PLEASE be considerate of me as well!!! If you are invited to someones home for a play date, be sure to ask about illness. Some people really don't care about passing germs and for you protection, it never hurts to ask. I have had to cancel many play dates because of this but in the long run, it is worth it. 

So, there you have it! I hope you find my tips helpful and implement some of them in your own family. The last one is probably my most important tip of all. Simple, but so vital to good health!! What about you? Do you have any tried and true methods for keeping sickness out of you family? I would love to hear your thoughts!!! :)

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