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I Need My Carpet Cleaned!!

9:43 PM

When we picked out the carpeting for our living room I don't think we were exactly thinking of what would happen when you combine children with a light colored carpet. Yes, we picked out a cream colored carpet and 2 years after installing it, we had a baby. If any of you have children, then you know the messes that come with them. I do not have a carpet cleaner but sometimes I borrow my in-law's cleaner and that works pretty well.

Right now, my carpet looks pretty bad. The children spill things and mash food into it constantly. I have tried to set boundaries for them when it comes to where they can eat, but sometimes it is hard to police them when I am trying to do other things.

It is during these times of dirty carpeting that I wish I could own a portable carpet cleaner. It would be so easy to just be able to clean my floors when I wanted to rather than having to rent or borrow someone else's cleaner. Even better, if I lived in Austin, I could have The Steam Team ( ) come and professionally clean my carpets!! Oh, what a luxury that would be!

So, if you are looking to clean your carpets really well, and you live in or near Austin, Texas, then give The Steam Team a shout. Also, check out their carpet cleaner reviews austin to see how happy they have made their customers. You won't be disappointed!

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