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Have you or someone you know ever been the victim of identity theft? I have not personally, but have heard of people who have had issues with this. Identity theft can come in many different forms...everything from credit card theft to falsifying signatures. Using the internet to make purchases can also lead to identity theft...especially if you are purchasing from a company that is not reputable or has very little to no security precautions on their site. It definitely can be frustrating so here are a few tips that I have about how I am attempting to protect myself and my family from identity theft.

#1. Check out IdentityHawk. This online company provides state of the art monitoring technology that scans the internet and alerts you when it detects threats of identity theft. When this company finds something suspicious, it sends you an email to notify you of the possible danger.

#2. Shred your junk mail. Even junk mail can hold information about you that you don't want the wrong person to see. So, don't just toss it out...shred it up first.

#3. Beware of those around you when using your credit card. I don't put it past ANYONE these days to take a photo of your credit card on their cell phone and then use the information in that photo to make unlawful and unauthorized purchases. It happens so be cautious.

So, there are my few yet helpful tips on how I am trying to implement identity theft protection. Take some time today to make sure you are taking extra steps to protect you and the ones you love.

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