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Several years before I was married (pre-college days), I had a job working at a nursing home. I wasn't an aide, but I worked in the kitchen. This could be a good job some days, and then other days it was just plain nasty. I mean, when I think about what some of those people ate and how they ate it...I don't think I could eat the food myself. Pureed hotdogs with bun???? No thanks. But, due to the fact that many could not eat solids, this was the only option (next to applesauce and pudding). I do give the dietary managers loads of credit though because they did give people many options and the one I listed was rare. Most of the food was palatable and even smelled pretty good.

Being that it was a nursing home, I had to wear scrubs...even in the kitchen. The required color was cranberry and I loved it! I love medical scrubs because they are very easy to clean and are for the most part, wrinkle-free. This was what made wearing them so easy. When you are working in a kitchen, you get hot and you can get alot of food-related grime on you. So, having something that cleans up easily is nice. I especially remember my days on dish duty. There were times I would get really wet and yucky, but my scrubs endured very well!

If you are in the market for scrubs, then may I suggest Blue Sky Scrubs to you? You can find them here and they have scrubs for all occasions. I wish I had known about them when I was needing to purchase my scrubs for work!! Check them out and see what they can offer you!

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