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Enjoy Smarter Snacking With Smartfood Selects!

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I have really been enjoying all the recent snacking opportunities I have had! Snacking is and always will be a fun past time for my family and I. Finding healthy snacks can be challenging...especially without breaking the bank. My husband and I were talking recently about how expensive it is to eat healthier. Everyone seems to want to eat healthier, but it is getting more and more expensive to do so. I would love to have a discount health food store near me (does anything like that even exist???) where I could purchase healthy food at a discounted rate. What a difference that would make in my food spending. Anyway, along the lines of having healthier snacking options around the house, I have a company to introduce you to today that you are going to LOVE!
Smartfood Selects is a company that combines real herbs, spices and all natural flavors to create some of the yummiest snacks on earth! We were recently at a local art festival and there was a Smartfood booth where they were giving away bags of the Feta Herb Hummus Popped Chips and that was where I fell in love with this brand. Because I am a BzzAgent, I was chosen to review several products from Smartfood Selects!
spices that go on All-Natural Popcorn, Popped Chips, Puffed Corn Snacks
Located in Dallas, Texas, Smartfood Selects makes a variety of popcorns, as well as popped chips and puffed corn. Here is a bit more about this company...

When SMARTFOOD® brand White Cheddar Cheese Popcorn was born, it was an instant hit. We recently introduced Kettle Corn and Movie Theatre Butter flavors (all to the same glorious praise!). These fresh-tasting, light-textured popcorn varieties continue to make mouths water every day.

But wait, there's more! We are still busy creating all-new snacks inspired by our heritage, and this time, there's a tasty new twist. With SMARTFOOD® Selects snacks, we've spiced things up (literally) with SMART combinations of REAL herbs and spices. So what exactly is a SMART combination, you ask? Well, it's the careful pairing of select ingredients to create perfectly complementary, unforgettably delicious flavors.

Yes, you could say we've been having a lot of fun playing with our food. Our hummus and multigrain popped chips are bursting with flavor, and our puffed corn snacks will melt in your mouth. Try them all and discover new SMARTFOOD® brand favorites!

Like I said, I have tried this brand before and so I was very excited to have the opportunity to try some other well as the popcorn!
So, for this review, I was sent a full sized bag of Cinnamon Brown Sugar Popcorn and two snack-sized bags of popped chips. 
My children were begging for a snack this morning several hours after breakfast so I thought it would be the perfect time to break out the Cinnamon and Brown Sugar Popcorn for them. They LOVE anything sweet and that is just what this popcorn is...a sweet and satisfying snack. The first thing that I love about the popcorn is that the bag is resealable. I hate opening an brand new bag of chips and having to find something to close the bag with when I am done. Stale chips are nasty so I love the fact that I can re-close this big bag of popcorn to keep it fresh!
This is some of the best popcorn I have had in a long time. Each piece of popcorn is loaded with cinnamon and brown sugar, the flavor is simply amazing! Typically, my children will eat popcorn, but not as quickly as they devoured this kind from Smartfood Selects. :) 

As you can see, they loved their popcorn!! Each was finished with their dish in several minutes and if I hadn't stopped them, they would have helped themselves to more. I had to stop though so they wouldn't ruin their lunch. 
While the children were eating their cinnamon brown sugar popcorn, I decided to try the Garlic Tomato Basil Hummus Popped Chips. Ooooo...were these ever GOOD! There is just enough flavor to make them yummy without being overwhelmed with garlic and basil. The popped, hummus-based chips are crunchy and light...just perfect for an afternoon snack! 

The Smartfood Selects brand is available in major retailers across the country and if you want to find a store near you that carries this yummy brand, check out the store listing on their website. You can also find Smartfood Selects on Amazon. Prices vary by bag size and quantity.
So, in my opinion...Smartfood Selects are fantastic!! I love the fact that I have some healthy and all-natural snacks to offer my family. These snacks are not only healthy, they are also you won't be accused of trying to feed your family cardboard. :) Wonderful snacks, fantastic company!

Disclaimer: As a BzzAgent, I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive free Smartfood Selects Snacks and additional product coupons for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. Stock photos and quotes are taken from the BzzAgent and Smartfood Selects Websites.

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