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I don't know about you but I sure enjoyed this past summer. It was very hot (which isn't my favorite) but also had a nice blend of cool days that were thrown in here and there, making it a gorgeous summer. If you noticed, we received very little rain which turned everything brown...except those plants that were lucky enough to have a refreshing shower from a sprinkler. The sun really does a number on the vegetation but it also does a number on your skin! After a long summer your skin can become rough, dry and wrinkled and this is no way to start the holiday season!!
So, to combat the "summer skin" syndrome that we summer-lovin' women suffer from, Mary Kay has recently introduced a fantastic line of skin renewal products that will get your skin in tip top shape...just in time for the holidays!

Here is a quick summary of this new line and some information on what it could do for your skin!

Mary Kay®  TimeWise Repair™ is powered by Mary Kay’s exclusive TimeWise Repair™ Volu-Firm™ Complex, a formula containing biomimetic peptides, hyaluronic acid booster and plant stem cells, to support skin repair while providing youthful firmness and lift. Each of the five products works to target aging skin by increasing cell renewal and elasticity and promoting the production of collagen. Restore what was lost and lift away the years with this scientifically innovative regimen that proves it’s never too late to rescue skin from the damage of the past and recapture a vision of youthfulness.

  • The look of deep lines and wrinkles is reduced
  • Lifted facial contours are restored.
  • Youthful volume is recaptured.
  • Even skin tone is revealed.
  • Vital moisture is replenished.
I love it...reduce, restore, recapture, reveal and replenish. Sounds like a real recipe for success, doesn't it? 
So, for this review I was sent four of the five products that are in this collection. I was sent:

I was very excited to try these products out as I have tried the TimeWise line before and love what it does for my skin. The first products I tried were the TimeWise Repair™ Volu-Firm™ Night Treatment With Retinol and the TimeWise Repair™ Volu-Firm™ Day Cream Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30. I had a bit of trouble trying to figure out how to get the cream out. 
There was a diagram on the inside of the packaging that demonstrated pressing down on the top of the container but I didn't see how the cream would come out. Well, after some fiddling around it did come out and I thought the idea was a good one...once I figured it out! Ha ha! The night cream is refreshes and renews your skin while you sleep and feels sooo good. I have always thought that my face was oily but after using this cream, it really felt nourished and soft...not greasy. Using the day cream was also delightful. It contains sunscreen so if you go outside (the sun can still be dangerous, even in the cooler weather!) you can still protect your skin. It also evens out skin tone and can reduce redness, sagging and wrinkles!
I am really loving the TimeWise Repair™ Volu-Firm™ Lifting Serum. This serum is creamy/gel-like in texture and is very smooth. It also smells really pretty. The purpose of this serum is to help firm and lift the skin. Typically, the main of our body (that never needs to be covered) that needs a "lift" is our neck, as skin can get saggy in that area. So, all you do is apply it morning and night by smoothing it over your face and neck, working in a circular motion for the face and an up and down motion for the neck. 
Last but not least, I tried the TimeWise Repair™ Volu-Firm™ Eye Renewal Cream. I really think that the applicator tip on this product is wonderful. You squeeze a bit of the cream out onto the tip and then place the applicator on your skin directly under your eye. Starting at the side of your eye closest to your nose, smooth the cream under your eyes, avoiding the inner corner of your eye. The result of using this cream should make your eyes look reawakened and lifted. We can all use a product like this to help our eyes look better. (I know I can use son is NOT sleeping through the night and so I am pretty sleepy in the mornings!)

Each of these products can be found on Mary Kay's website and you can also find a beauty consultant near you to order from as well. Also, to keep up with Mary Kay and their always growing and always changing beauty product inventory, be sure to follow them on Facebook!
So, in my opinion...this Time-Wise Repair Volu-Firm line is wonderful! I am really looking forward to the long-term results of using these products. My skin can only get better and that is all thanks to Mary Kay. I would definitely recommend this product to any woman out there looking to improve her skin and get gorgeous for the holidays! 

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive free Mary Kay Beauty products for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from the Mary Kay website and email. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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