Enjoying My Mommy Moments With Nescafe Memento & FREE SAMPLE

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There are just a few things in life that I have just for me. My coffee is one of them. Every morning, after the children have been fed breakfast, are dressed and I have showered, I make a cup of coffee. It is something that I do that is exclusively for me. Not for the children or my husband but for me. My hubby doesn't drink coffee so he would not care anyway.
Caramel Latte Product Image
Recently, I saw that there was a product available from Nescafe' called Nescafe' Memento. Being that I love coffee, and enjoy flavored coffee the best, I was really excited about this product. Think about are preparing to embark on a busy day with three little ones. YOU need something that will give you a little boost and help you get through the day.
I first tried Nescafe' Memento when I requested a free sample. This Free Sample of Nescafe Memento is still available, in case you are interested. I am telling you...providing consumers with free samples WORKS because I have since purchased this product!! If I hadn't received a sample, I probably would have never tried it. My sample pack contained two packets, which was great. It also contained a coupon for $1 off a box, which I used when Nescafe' Memento was on sale at my grocery store.
My favorite has to be the Mocha. It froths so nicely and each sip has such great flavor. My children hover around my cup waiting for their sip (which sometimes I allow...just for fun) and they think it tastes pretty good too!
Because this coffee beverage comes in long, thin packages, I wanted to throw the idea out there that you can use these for stocking stuffers!!!  Tie a thin ribbon around several packets (mix and match the flavors) and stick them in your coffee lover's stocking this Christmas. Plus, these boxes retail for about $3.99 so you don't have to break the bank when buying stocking stuffers! What a great way to share this fantastic product with those that you love!
So, I just wanted to share this new product from Nescafe' with you all today. I am loving it and don't think that anyone should miss out on this one! In case you missed it before, head on over to their website and request your FREE SAMPLE today!!

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I purchased my own product...and conducted this review after using the product. Some images and quotes are from the Nescafe' website. All thoughts and opinions are 100%  my own.

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