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Baby and Mommy Products I CANNOT Live Without!

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So, as a mother, I have learned a few things. I say a few because I only have two children. My journey down this road called motherhood has been rocky, trying and just beautiful. There are moments when I am about to rip my hair out...and there are moments where I just want time to freeze so I can enjoy the moment. Time flies sooo quickly when you have children and it is so important to cherish every minute.

During this journey of motherhood, I have come across products that I just cannot imagine my life without. I thought it would be fun to talk about those items and share them with you today! Hopefully you will be able to learn something and perhaps even use some of my ideas to help simplify and create a more memorable journey.

#1. My Breast Pump
I am an exclusive breast feeder and therefore, I do anything and everything to nurse. During my early years of being a mom I struggled with breastfeeding issues and persevered. I could not have done that without my breast pump. Currently, I own an Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump and I love it. I purchased it from my sister in law after she had finished having her babies. It is relatively reasonable to purchase and is simple enough to use. Now, it is not recommended to use a used breast pump as there is a higher risk of health issues. Generally speaking, breast pumps are a one-user only product. So, be very cautious when looking at a used pump. Yes, they can be cheaper but they can also pose a health risk to you and your baby. Pumping has saved me many times from engorgement, drying up and preventing and helping to heal Mastitis (which I suffered from multiple times while breastfeeding both of my children) without using antibiotics. So, I truly cannot live without my breast pump!!

#2. Wipes Warmer this is kind of a luxury item and I truly thought it was ridiculous when I first heard of it. A wipes warmer??? What in the world is a wipes warmer??? Simply put, a wipes warmer is a unit that plugs into the wall and has a pad in the bottom of it that you keep moist. Then, you stack your wipes inside of it and the unit keeps the wipes warm and wet for diaper changes. I have yet to meet a baby who doesn't cringe and cry when a cold wipe is used on their bottom. You know, it takes their breath away type of reaction? I was given a Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer several years ago and it has been a must-have in my nursery ever since. I love using warm wipes on my is sooo comforting for them!!

#3. What To Expect Books
When I was pregnant with my daughter (first baby), my pastor's wife bought the What To Expect When You Are Expecting book from a garage sale. As soon as I got it home I began to read. I was shocked at the information that is packed into this book!!! There were answers to questions I had not even thought of...everything from pre-pregnancy to introducing a new baby to a sibling. I would eagerly await the next month and see where I was and what I could expect to see in way of changes to my body and to the baby. It was soo exciting!! To me, this is the number one book that got me through my pregnancies. Then, there was the What To Expect The First Year book that was amazing when it came to tracking my baby's growth and development. Again, answers to questions and topics to relieve my fears about parenthood. What a wonderful series of books!! I would definitely recommend this series to any new mom.

#4. Johnsons Baby Products
When you first hold a baby, what is one of the first things you do? I always ALWAYS cuddle a baby close to me and inhale deeply. I just LOVE the smell of the Johnson's Baby Lotion. Wow. That combined with the Johnson's Head-to-Toe Body Wash and voila! You have one great smelling baby! Johnson's is perhaps the most traditional baby product line that you will find when it comes to newborn skin care. When I was in the hospital, this was the product that the nurses used to bathe my new baby. It was also the product that was given to me to use when bathing. Why? Because it is sooo gentle and non-evasive. I would have to say that Johnson's is my product of choice when I am caring for my newborns...and my children!

#5. Pampers Diapers
There are so many types of disposable diapers on the market today; it's no wonder moms get confused about what to buy!! I have found that my diaper brand of choice is Pampers. They are thin, yet hold up really well to blowouts and leaks. I was recently using other brand name diapers and was noticing that he needed his clothes changed multiple times a day! As soon as I had him in Pampers, the changing-of-the-clothes-multiple-times-a-day had stopped. I also love that on each Pampers product, there is a Gifts To Grow Code that you can enter on Pampers website. Once you have saved up enough points, you can then get free stuff (books, toys, gear, etc.)!! I currently have over 2,000 points and have yet to spend them. This is another reason why I love Pampers!

#6. The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn To Toddler Tub
As a new mom, I was not one to want the best and top-of-the-line baby products. Functionality and practicality was my goal. When I walked into Babies R Us, I was stunned at all the baby bath tubs they had. Showers, sprinkler systems, whirlpool tubs and other options were waaaaaaay out of my league. I wanted simple and I wanted something that would be usable for months after the baby had grown out of the newborn stage. So, I picked The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn To Toddler Tub. This bathtub was amazing and very practical! It has a reclining side that allows for a newborn to lay back. It also has a straight backed side that is perfect for when the baby is getting bigger and is able to sit upright. I LOVE this tub and find that it has worked very well for me and I was able to use it well past my baby's 8 month birthday!!

#7. So Easy Baby Baby Food Kit
With my first baby I bought all her baby food, pre-made, from the store. I had not yet discovered that I could make my own...although I knew people did it, I didn't think it was a simple thing to do. Enter baby #2. Store-bought baby food is now over $.65/jar and I was floored. We are not struggling financially, yet I thought it silly to spend that kind of money for the sake of convenience. So, I began to make my own baby food. I would purchase fresh or frozen veggies, cook them, blend em' up and freeze. This was about the time I discovered the So Easy Baby Food Kit. I received a kit to review and after seeing how simple it was to make my own food, I was hooked! It really is EASY and I love the fact that I can control what my baby is eating. This kit comes with heavy-duty ice cube trays with lids and a cookbook to show you recipes and ideas for making baby food. This is now an item that I must have for the rest of my mommy days!

#8. Infant Motrin Drops
My children have awful issues when it comes to teething. I have heard it said that if adults had to teethe like babies, we would go out of our minds from the pain. Makes sense! So, when my babies start to teethe, I make sure I have Infant's Motrin Drops on hand. I know it is not the natural way to go, but as a mom, this is my most-used medicine for my children. Recent issues have come up regarding this product and it was pulled from store shelves. During that time, I used a store brand and it was just as effective. This medicine is effective and has helped us get through many nights of teething pain. Orajel never worked for us so I don't recommend that. But if you have found a natural alternative to Motrin, please share!! I have yet to find something that works as well as Motrin.

#9. Gas Drops
My daughter was a very gassy baby...her brother was as well, just not as bad as her! Gassy drops really help my babies. I carry a bottle of this product in my diaper bag and have it on hand in case I eat something that upsets their tummy. This worked really well for me and I do recommend it to all my friends who have new babies!! If baby is fussy and you cannot pinpoint what the issue may be, try some gassy drops. Even if gas isn't the issue, these drops are mild enough to use frequently. I am NOT a doctor though so if you do have any questions about this or any other product I have listed in this post, please do talk to your pediatrician!!

#10. No-Spill Sippy Cups
I HATE sippy cups that leak. So, I have naturally gravitated towards the brands that offer some leak-proof cups. Children will turn just about every cup upside down and if it is not will have a mess to clean up. My favorite brand is currently Playtex, as I can usually buy a two-pack of cups...which is a super great bargain. They are also really easy to hold and have special grippy things on the handles...which makes this cup super easy for a baby to hold and manipulate.

So, there you have my top 10 list of mommy must-haves! These are products that I cannot do without and I could probably think of a dozen more too. :) But, to keep this short and sweet, there is my list. How about you? What are some of your mommy must have products? I would love to know!

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  1. I love the What to Expect books! I used them with both my kids. Fantastic resource!

  2. This is a great list for expectant moms! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I breastfed my kids too and that pump is WAY nicer than the one I had! Thanks for all the great info, moms everywhere will appreciate it!

  4. LOL...I think I have almost every one of those items! And I LOVE PAMPERS diapers, don't use any other kind, they are awesome!

  5. No-spill sippy cups are a must!! Great list :)


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