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I cannot believe I am saying that already. Seems like just yesterday the flowers were coming up and the birds were chirping their springtime songs. *sigh*. Well, SocialMoms has another blogging campaign and my task is to bring you a post about 10 Healthy Tips To Get Your Kids Ready For Back To School! So, without further ado, here are my 10 tips!

#1. Stock up on your vitamins. You know, germs are soooo nasty these days and it seems like every kid comes to school sick. It is sad, but true. To protect your little dumplings from those ugly germs, start giving them vitamins NOW so their immune systems are strong and ready for anything. Throughout the year, continue giving them vitamins C, D and E.

#2. Teach them good hand-washing techniques. I once heard that bathroom doorknobs are the most germ-ridden surfaces in a public restroom. So, teach your children to wash their hands thoroughly before leaving the restroom...then, use the paper towel they dried their hands with to open the bathroom door when exiting. Dispose of the towel in a trash can afterwards.

#3. Find out their what their favorite fruits and veggies are. This will make for easy school lunch and snack time packing! Giving them nutritious foods while at school will give them brain power for those tests and papers.

#4. Start getting them to be a bit earlier. During the summer months, the sun does not go down until well after 9:00. the temptation for some children is to stay out until it gets dark. Or, watching movies, TV, etc. So, start getting your night owls into bed a bit earlier than normal to prepare them for those early mornings.

#5. Get their eyes checked! This is important. If a child cannot see properly, they will have tremendous issues with their schooling.

#6. Try checking out eco-friendly school supplies. There are a plethora of products on the market today that are eco-friendly and are "green". So, if that interests you and you are concerned about making a difference in the environment, check it out!

#7. Get them on a schedule. By that I mean, maybe have a rehearsal "mock" school day. Have them get up at the scheduled time, eat breakfast and see who can be ready for the bus first. It may turn into a fun game for everyone!

#8. Make sure they are up-to-date on their immunizations. Now, we do not vaccinate our children but if you do, make sure their immunizations are current. It may even be a requirement for your school...don't get stuck at the last minute!!

#9. Give your children plenty of exercise NOW. They will be sitting in a classroom for the better part of the year so make sure they are in shape and have enjoyed the lovely weather while they can. I know my children love to be outside so make sure yours get their fill!

#10. Try to get them enrolled in after-school programs now to avoid full rosters. If you have your heart set on your children playing football, being on the swim team or being a track star, you need to make sure you have them enrolled as soon as you are able. Oh, and make sure it is something your child wants to do...not just you. :)

So, there are just a few tips from my little corner of the Internet on how to prepare your children for school! Happy studying everyone! :)

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