Amy Bixby

This Family NEEDS Your Help!!!

9:44 PM

So, I don't normally do this or reach out like this to you all, however I feel so compelled to do so at this point...I would appreciate you all reading through and perhaps seeing what you can do.

Amy Bixby is a devoted wife and nurturing mother of 7 children. In 2008, Amy was diagnosed with Stage III Breast cancer...and at the same time, she found out she was expecting baby #7. Wow...I cannot imagine. Her cancer faded into just a memory following the birth of her son, chemotherapy, radiation and assistance from the Susan B. Komen Foundation. Her life brightened and she returned to her home and family.
Sadly, after blood work in 2010, cancer was found in her spine, liver and hips. Upon this discovery, Amy was given a grim outlook.

Today, she is in Hospice and has currently been comatose for 48 hours. Each of her 7 young children have been brought in to say goodbye to her and her life is about to end.
I am not one to beg, plead or ask for anything...but I would ask one thing. This family is in tremendous need of your prayers. There is also a way to donate financially if you feel so led. This story just rips my heart to the core and I cannot imagine what this sweet family is dealing with right now. I think sometimes that I have a rough life...then a story like this comes across my path and I realize that MY LIFE is a BED OF ROSES compared to some. How dare I think otherwise. Please, do what you can but most not take what you have for granted. Thank you all for your consideration and for reading this!!!

This morning (8/19) at 6:55AM, Amy passed away. Please continue to pray for this family as they walk out this time of grief in their lives.

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Amy Bixby, mother of 7,is quickly losing her battle with Consider Helping Out Today!

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  1. It really makes our "problems" not seem like so much! I just spent a little while reading over their website. I'm definitely praying for her family!

  2. Sally....I'm so sorry for your friend, and for her family- that is every mother's worst nightmare, leaving her children. I have nothing to say, I'm so sorry, prayers for her and her family :( HUGS

  3. Tweeted for you. My heart breaks for that family.

  4. I cry right now with many tears for this family. After a bad night here of fierce storms my family is safe and everyone is healthy. After realizing we were not harmed during this fierce storm only a broken window in a car that can be fixed. I have to repent for being so shallow and feeling like my life is so terrible. I will be praying for this family . Thank you for sharing.

  5. I am so sorry. Her family is in my thoughts. May she be at peace now.

  6. my greatest fear right there, I feel for those children, the husband and the whole family. it just tears my heart out thinking about. thoughts and prayers for sure. :(


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