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Changing Diapers Can Be FUN!

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Well, I have yet another blogging opportunity given to me by SocialMoms and this time, my goal is to tell you my tips and tricks for changing the diaper of a squirmy baby!

As a mom of two small children, I have changed a TON of diapers in my almost 3 years of being a parent and let me tell two diaper changes are the same!!!

The one thing that I found most helpful about changing diapers it to have an abundance of toys handy for the baby to play with. My son's nickname is "buppy"...don't ask me just stuck. So, when I put him on the changing table to change a diaper I usually talk to him using his nickname. "Hey Buppy! It's time to change that nasty diaper!!" (Usually said in a sing-song keep it a happy time! LOL!)

The next thing I do is determine just how messy this diaper change will be. If he is just wet, then it is off with the old and on with the new. Simple. Then, there are those "other" diaper changes that require a full outfit change and possibly a bath too. Ha! Most babies are really good at staying still when they are newborns...but when they get bigger, watch out! Jacob is a squirmy baby and likes to try and flip over onto his tummy. If I am changing a blowout, I cannot have him turning over like a pancake and trying to get on his belly. So, what I do is find something in my diaper-changing caddy that will keep him entertained.

Lately, he has been fascinated with the small Vicks tub. I set it on his bare belly and he giggles while he tries to get it off without it falling off. He is tooo cute! When he carefully picks it up, he tries to put it back on again...most of the time dropping it in the process.

Another little trick I have learned is to give the baby a small, hand-held mirror. This keeps them occupied in several ways. 1. It gives them something shiny to look at and 2. It fascinates them by looking at their reflection. My diaper changing table has a full sized mirror and really makes a wonderful entertainment station for changing those diapers.

My last little trick of the trade is usually a last resort...if the baby is super wiggly and just WILL NOT stay still. Before I head into the nursery, I grab a cracker or pretzel stick from the kitchen. You would be surprised what food will do to a baby. It is soooo wonderful to be able to use food as a distraction. Babies love it and I do too...I can get done what I need to! Yay!

Oh yes...lets not forget the need for diapers that are super easy to get on and off! Huggies has a new diaper called Little Movers Slip On Diapers and oh my!! These look amazing! I have only dreamed of this type of diaper and would LOVE to try them out!

So, there you have it. My tips and tricks for getting my wiggly "buppy" to stay still. These tips also worked great for my daughter too. Thanks for reading...hope I gave you some helpful hints today that will work for you!

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  1. I would love to try the slip on diapers.. Great idea Huggies :)


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