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I am going through something right now that I know millions of people have gone through before me. Trying to sell our house and buy a new house. My husband and I have lived in this house since we were married and I have never had to move a whole house before. Frankly, I'm a bit intimidated. I guess I never realized how much stuff you can accumulate in a period of six years and the thought of moving it all is frightening. Those of you who have done this before know exactly what I mean here.

When we first decided we wanted to sell, we tried to sell without an agent. We showed the house once to an interested party but after that we had no activity. Because summer was drawing to a close, we realized that we needed to get our home into the MLS system and so we hired a realty agent. I have to admit that I LOVE going to look at houses. I hate getting our house ready for showings because we have three little ones and they make messes. Trying to make our house look under control and in order is not an easy feat but somehow...we manage. Looking at houses is fun and I think we have finally found our dream home.

(this is not a photo of the house we like...but I LOVE this house!!)

Unlike some, we are not looking for a palace. I am sure that if we looked in the santa monica ca real estate listings, we would find some gorgeous homes! I've been to California and there are some stunning neighborhoods there! We are looking for a secluded property with a few acres. For our entire marriage, we have lived in a small neighborhood and are surrounded by people on all sides. Everyone is really nice here and we have loved it...but we are outgrowing our 927 square feet of living space and are really needing something bigger. I would love a home that has over 2,000 sq. feet and at least 4 bedrooms. We have found a home that boasts all of these things...including four acres! The only problem that we have right now is that we have no offers on the table for our home and we cannot move until we sell our place. It is VERY frustrating but we know that if it is meant to happen, it will.

So, we wait...and hope...and pray that the perfect buyer will come along and we can move to a new place soon!

This is a sponsored post for The Partners Trust, however, all the points and views are my own.

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