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I hate to say it but I am, unfortunately, becoming very educated at home shopping. It has been a while since we went to a house showing but I have become experienced on what to look for and the types of houses that you typically want to avoid and why. We have looked at some gorgeous homes and actually have a house in mind that we LOVE...but we have to sell our house first.

If you are looking to find the Best Vernal Utah Real Estate, you can simply check online for open houses and  available properties. I imagine that Utah is a gorgeous state to live in but it is not where we are looking right now...for obvious reasons. :) So, when it comes to buying a house there are just a few things that you are going to want to know. I will base this brief list on things that we look at when we are at a showing.

1. Be careful with old houses. By "old", I mean anything that is over 80 years old. Typically when you get into houses that are this old, you run into major issues that can include septic problems, foundation issues and  other things. The only way an old house would be suitable would be if it has been totally gutted and "flipped" (completely remodeled inside and out). There are some gorgeous homes out there that are old, but have been renovated and are in fantastic condition.
2. Pay attention to the structure of the house. Look for cracks in the foundation, as these would take major work and expenses to fix. I remember seeing a house on the market here in our area and the property disclosure mentioned that the foundation needed extensive work. This particular house was ridiculously cheap for that reason. I would have loved that house but knew that the foundation problems would end up costing us more than we were willing to commit to.

3. Carefully inspect the roof, rafters and supporting beams. We seriously looked at a house over the summer that was old and looked sound. When we brought a friend with us to inspect the house on our second walk-through, he pointed out that the roof was sagging in the middle. Turns out, the roof had been replaced, but the beams had not and were broken.

So, there are just a few tips that I think are some of the more important things that you should watch for when house shopping. It is easy to get attached to a house's cosmetic looks...but the structure is more important. Enjoy house hunting, but be wary and watchful for problems!

This is a sponsored post for Community Best Real Estate, however, all the points and views are my own.

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