Our Trip to the Chicago Toy and Game Fair!

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In October, I found out that I was going to be able to go to the Chicago Toy and Game Fair and I was SO excited!! I have never been to ChiTag before but had heard of it and have always wanted to go. You can imagine my excitement when my blogger friend Lori from At The Fence, let me know that I could join her and her family there this year...for FREE! You see, bloggers are able to get in as media and therefore, do not have to pay admission. Oooo! It was even more exciting to be able to take the family.

So, a little over a week ago we packed up our little family and hit the road. Our trip to Chicago was wonderful and the children were so well behaved...even little Isaac, who had never been on a road trip this long before. It took us about 10 hours to get there and we were happy to arrive after a loooooong trip.
Lori's family and our family enjoying breakfast together.

Our morning at ChiTag began with a lovely, complimentary breakfast at Navy Pier. It was nice to be able to sit and relax before hitting the Toy and Game Fair.
My son loves food and so he really enjoyed himself you can see. I think he ate like three cereal bars and lots of juice. Yep, my boy LOVES food! :)
Bananagrams was a sponsor this year at ChiTag and on all of the breakfast tables, they had placed some fun games for us to play with while we were waiting to go into the event. This game pictured above was called Zip-It. This was a really quick-moving and fun game. I played with one of Lori's daughters and we were able to complete several rounds before it was time to go.
After breakfast and listening to some motivational blogger speakers it was off for some fun! I was sooo excited to have the opportunity to be here! :)
Our first stop was the PlaSmart booths. They had the very fun and exciting PlasmaCar that my children loved. We had a very difficult time pulling the children away to go play at other booths.
Hannah is 4, so she really got the hang of how to use these. Jacob...not so much. He kept putting his feet on the floor and pushing off that way. Hannah was SO good on these PlasmaCars!
Next, we stopped and played with the wooden toys at Plan Toys. My children could have seriously spent the whole day here...there were so many fun toys to play with!
Jacob loved to play with the Plan Toy parking garage. It was complete with people, shrubbery, cars and other fun trucks. He is ALL boy, through and through and he LOVES his cars. So, this was a really fun place for him to be.
After we dragged the children walked away from the Plan Toy booth, we visited The Settlers of Catan giant game board! My children loved hauling the game pieces around and playing with the dice and other parts of the game. This game is a huge favorite of my family's...every time I try to play, I get distracted. But I do know that my family has a blast every time they play it and I would love to learn soon!!
Our next stop was at the Peaceable Kingdom booth, where they had a table set up for the children. My daughter loved working with the stickers and crayons. In this picture she was making a game piece for the Feed The Woozle game. Sound like fun? It was LOADS of fun. :)

So that is a little bit about our time at ChiTag. It was a day that was jam-packed full of fun and children had a blast and I really enjoyed getting to know some of the vendors. I also brought home some fun goodies to share with you all! Stay tuned for some posts about some fantastic products from some of these generous vendors! :)

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