Our Experience Buying a Used Vehicle

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Back when I was newly married, I worked at a car dealership. I was really in love with some of the four-door sedans that they had and was debating on whether I should buy one or not. I talked it over with my husband and decided that I wanted to lease a vehicle. Being that I had only ever owned used vehicles, this was such a treat for me! Driving away in a brand new car was an amazing feeling. I drove this particular vehicle for several years and loved it.

After our second child was born it became very evident that two car seats in the back of my little four-door sedan was too tight. Especially when we went on long road trips. There just was not enough room for all our luggage and baby gear that MUST go with you when you travel with little ones. So, we started talking about getting a mini van. My lease was just about up on my car so it was a good time to start looking.

One Saturday, my in laws came for a visit and my father in law talked my hubby into going out to look at vans. There isn't a shortage of Used Car Dealers in MA, and there isn't a shortage of them here either!! As my mother in law and I were sitting in my living room, I saw a gorgeous, red minivan pull into my driveway. At the wheel of that beautiful, 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan, sat my husband. Oh my. I was floored!! Dad came in and told me to come on out and hop in. We were going to go on a quick spin around the neighborhood. Because I worked at a car dealership, I knew how car salesmen could be and so I sort of cringed. But I was pleasantly surprised with this particular salesman. He was so easy to talk to and was very laid back. We talked candidly about cars, features and prices. He was not pushy at all and really tried hard to answer every question that we had.
When we arrived back at my house after our test drive, the salesman showed us some additional features of the van (hide-away seats, car seat anchors, hidden compartments in the floor, etc.) and told us that we didn't have to make any decisions today and that we could wait however long we needed. I was very impressed with his professionalism and non-pushy attitude. For me, that goes a long way. Buying a car is no small decision and I truly believe he knew that.

We did end up buying that van and it has served us well for the past two years. It has been such a great vehicle for us and I absolutely love it!

This is a sponsored post for Prestige Automart; however, all the points and views are my own

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