10 Time Saving Tips To Make My Life As A Mom Easier!!!

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I am a mom. And I am a busy one too! I have two children that are 22 months apart and while I thought I was busy with one child...I had no idea what 2 children held! My days are full, my children are a blessing and my life is wonderful.
So, I have decided to share with you all 10 time saving tips that make my life as a mom...much easier!

#1. I am a breastfeeding mom so I find that if my baby misses a feeding it is good to use that time to pump the milk that the baby would have eaten. This saves time in two ways.
~A. It gives you an extra bottle for when you are away from the baby
~B. It allows you to PREVENT those nasty breast infections that come from missing feedings.
#2. When I went on a trip to Florida several years ago, my daughter was only 6 months old. So, I decided to organize her clothes for the trip. Those of you who have children know what a pain packing is! So, what I did was take all of her outfits and put them together in piles on my couch. Than, I put each outfit in a gallon Ziploc bag. An outfit consisted of socks, dress, etc. This saves TONS of time while on vacation because you can just pull out an outfit and put it on baby rather than dig through a suitcase looking for the complete outfit. By the also gives you a bag for soiled clothes.

#3. Because I have two children I find it saves a lot of time to give them baths at the same time. I wash both heads of hair and then I wash their bodies. (Mind you...they are still small so they can bathe together. As they get older this will not be happening.) They enjoy playing together and it saves time and water!!

#4. To save time while running errands I wait until I have a few errands to run before I go out. This way I am only making about 1 trip out a week...which saves my sanity as well!

#5. In the morning, I also wait until both children are up to give them breakfast. That way I am not serving two meals at two different times.

#6. When baby is very tiny, I find it is vital to take care of myself. So, if baby is crying I take them into the bathroom with me, put them in a bouncer and the shower soothes them. The steam from the shower also clears out any congestion that they might have. This is a great time saver because I am taking care of my self and the baby...all at once!

#7. Making meals ahead also saves bunches of time. If I know I am going to have to make a meal for dinner and I know it serves more than our small family I will freeze smaller portions. This helps to make meal times more convenient.

#8. When it comes to laundry, I wait until I have a FULL hamper of clothes. I do not do laundry daily. Usually, I do my children's laundry twice a week using this method. It works for me!

#9. We shop at wholesale food stores when we are able and this saves us alot of time (and money) when it comes to buying food. When you can buy in bulk you can store and stock up. This prevents unnecessary trips to the store during the week.

#10. My last time saving tip would be to teach the children how to do simple chores around the house. At two years old my daughter loves to help fold laundry, do dishes and sweep the floor. She is still small and I do no REQUIRE her to do anything. But she is eager and loves to help! So, this is how I keep her busy and one will save me time! I will have to do other things and she can help do those simple tasks!
So, there you have it! My 10 time saving tips that I use to make my life as a mom easier! Do you have any tips that you would like to share? I would love to see them and even try them out!

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  1. I love the Ziploc idea! What a neat idea!

  2. What Ellen said lol.. I never thought of putting clothes in Ziploc bags.. It seems so much easier than rummaging through suitcases for socks and underwear!!

  3. The ziploc is a great idea. I think I need that for my own outfits while traveling! No more searching for where my socks went!

    I save time by showering with my baby rather than giving her a separate bath.

  4. great tips, I also like your ziploc idea for travelling!

  5. love the ziplick idea :) and i also have my kids do chores


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