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10:44 AM

Good morning everyone! I recently did a review for Kidzikoo and the giveaway is ending TONIGHT so be sure you get your entries in! There are only 55 entries as of right now so your chances are wonderful!!!

Anyway, Lindsay Coleman from Kidzikoo has let me in on a little secret. Between July 1st and July 4th, anyone who purchases from Kidzikoo will get one FREE Kidzikoo!!! In case you forgot, a Kidzikoo is a bottle and/or sippy cup away with those chilly fingers once and for all!! This is a super deal...especially if you have two or more little ones. Buy one, get one free! YAY!

So, head on over to Kidzikoo and check out their really cute prints. I must say...there are some cute ones available!

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