Replace That Nasty Office Furniture!

7:28 AM

Hubby's computer desk is in very sad shape. By that I mean the drawer is gone, it is scratched and dinged up and it is literally falling apart. Because he uses it a lot, the desk is a rather important piece of furniture. Not only does hubby use it, but while he is at work I also use it! It is a great sized desk for my sewing machine and can also be used as a work surface for my scrap booking hobby. When sewing on it I just need to remember to gather up the pins. :) Otherwise, he gets frustrated when he gets poked. LOL!

Have you ever heard of Cymax's store called Well, it is a wonderful online shopping adventure for sure! The selection of desks, bookcases, filing cabinets and computer desks is awesome! I have often wanted to just go out and buy a new desk for hubby but have not yet found the one that has my name written on it!
So, if I were to choose a computer desk for my husband it would probably be the one pictured above. This gorgeous desk will only cost you approximately $575.00. What I love the most is the shelving on top of the desk. Just think of all the things you could store in this desk. One of our problems is that the surface of our current desk gets filled up so quickly...we have no vertical storage that can eliminate the clutter. So, that is why this desk would be perfect. I also love the wood favorite! :)
Have you ever heard of a return? No, it is not something that you take back to the store because it is broken or the wrong size. A return (and I learned this while writing this post) is a portion of a desk that causes the desk to go in a different direction. So, it would be like a corner desk with a side piece that goes around the corner. Make sense? I hope so. :) carries some really great looking returns.
When I was in the hospital after I gave birth to my son, the nurses used electronic charts for medications. So, when it was time for my medication, they would wheel in a standing workstation. Basically, it was a miniature desk on wheels that was tall and had a place for the computer and other stuff that they carried with them. These workstations would really be handy for someone who has a studio apartment and is very limited in living space. I am sure you know of someone who could use this particular product...I do!!

So, the next time you are out looking for a new desk or workstation, please consider I am sure they would have something for you at a very reasonable cost.

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  1. I would love to get my husband a new desk. I really like the look of the first one!

  2. I like the last one - I think I could use that easily while babywearing!

  3. I love that dark wood finish too, we are actually buying furniture for our office soon, just haven't found what we are looking for.I'll check out this website but I am guessing it's American and shipping will be through the roof lol

  4. I love the first one too.. We are always in need of more shelf space.

  5. Love that mini desk - I would use something like that in the kitchen for my iPad! :) Fun!


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