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As a mom, I get a TON of advice on how to raise my children. What to do, what NOT to do. Where to go, where NOT to go. What to dress them in, what NOT to dress them in. I tell you...the list is endless. Most people mean very well and most of the time it is very good advice. But, now and then I get some tidbits that are just plain stupid or totally useless for me. Those gems just go in one ear and out the other! :) No problem.
Reconnected Kids: Help Your Child Achieve Physical, Mental, and Emotional Balance
I have recently been informed about a book that I have NOT read but have heard wonderful things about. It is called Reconnected Kids and it is all about how to have a good relationship with your children and how to connect with them and identify behavioral issues. If you have a good relationship with your children then you will KNOW when something is amiss...just by the way they act.
Reconnected Kids was written by Dr. Robert Melillo, a known author, lecturer, and researcher within the neurology field and he specializes in childhood disorders. Here is a bit more about him:

His personal mission to find a cure for neurobehavioral disorders began after helping a child achieve life-altering behavioral improvements from their work together. He has since devoted himself to the study and treatment of learning disabilities and behavioral disorders in children, such as Autism, ADHD, and Asperger’s.

Dr. Melillo is the originator of the Brain Balance Program® and co-founder of the Brain Balance™ Centers ( ).

These ground breaking achievement centers help children with neurobehavioral deficits improve their academic, social and behavioral functions using a drug-free approach. He is also the author of “Disconnected Kids” and “Reconnected Kids”. Some of his recent findings can be found in his study- Autism Spectrum Disorders as Functional Disorder Syndrome (Reviews in the Neurosciences, 2009).
Now, I know nothing about childhood disorders because as far as I know, my children have none. I also trust in God for my children's mental and emotional well-being; but won't be so silly as to neglect an obvious problem with them neurologically.

Dr. Melillo says: "you need to create a common vision of what you want your family to look like, act like, and strive for. This is what a set of values establishes for a family."

I love the idea of having values. In fact, these tips and ideas are just FANTASTIC. As a christian, I can really appreciate the idea behind these goals for my family. Here is a sample of some values that you can have for YOUR family...

The _______________________family believes in and promises to always live by and uphold these family values:
■ Respect for one another
■ Loyalty to one another
■ Honesty at all times
■ Consistency in actions
■ Hard Work and Fair Play
■ Courage to do what’s right
■ Be a Team Player
■ Persistence in all pursuits
■ A Positive Attitude and outlook on life
■ Trust in self and others

And then, there is this list of Family Rules that you can apply as well...SO GREAT!!!

Post your rules in a place where everyone can see them. As the family
grows, the rules can and should change.
1. Get out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off .
2. Eat a healthy breakfast; take vitamins.
3. Get to school on time and attend each class promptly.
4. Use school agenda to carefully, in detail, note all homework,
projects, and test dates.
5. Do not leave school property at lunch without permission
from parents.
6. Eat a healthy snack after getting home and start homework.
There is no TV or computer time until all homework is done.
7. No iPod, music, phone, social networking, or texting is allowed
while doing homework.
8. When weather is nice, free time must take place outdoors until
it starts to get dark or dinner is called.
9. Screen time—television, computer, video games—is limited to
one hour, fifteen minutes each weekday, and two and a half
hours per day on weekends. Extra screen time must be earned.
10. There will be no cursing or inappropriate language used in the
house at any time.
11. The family will eat together when possible. Each family member
will wait for everyone to be finished before getting up
from the table. Don’t ask to be excused without a good reason.
12. Prepare backpack and select the next day’s wardrobe before
13. Bedtime during the week is____, meaning lights out. Weekends
and holiday bedtime is____, unless extra time is earned.
14. No phone or texting after____ p.m.
15. There is no going out on a school night without permission .
Weekend and holiday curfew is____, meaning in the house.
No excuses!
16. If you damage property belonging to another family member
or the house, you will pay for replacement or repairs.
17. Treat and speak to others with respect.
18. Respect each other’s privacy.
19. Always clean up after yourself. If you remove something you
must put it back and clean up any mess.
20. Study for at least two days before a test.
21. If you need help, ask for it. You will get the help you need as
long as you are trying hard on your own.
22. No friends are permitted in the house without specific permission
when parents are not home.
23. Using alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs is absolutely forbidden.
24. Sunday night from 8:00 to 9:00 is family meeting hour. Nothing
else is scheduled during that time.
25. Every Sunday everyone will write an action plan for the week.

Are those great ideas or what? I would definitely "tweak" the list as you see fit (and I would) but it is really a great spring board to get you started.

This book is designed to help you resolve your children's behavioral problems without medication, strife, drama or bad attitudes. It will also help you to motivate and encourage your child to set goals, obtain some values and practice life-long habits that will form them into a responsible and respectful adult...something that is SEVERELY lacking in our society today.
Reconnected Kids: Help Your Child Achieve Physical, Mental, and Emotional Balance
Reconnected Kids can be purchased from Amazon and at local bookstores for about $10-$15.

So, in my opinion...this book sounds really fabulous. I love the values and ideas that are set forth in the examples provided. Being that I have not personally read it myself I cannot heartily recommend it but am very interested in what it has to say. Looks like a helpful book!

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. Quotes are from PR email. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I like this but I don't know about so many rules they should know already.
    Very interesting book I bet to read. Rita Spratlen

  2. I love the list of rules! As my kids get older these might come in handy.

  3. Sounds like an interesting resource!

  4. I love the "When weather is nice, free time must take place outdoors until
    it starts to get dark or dinner is called" Rule!

  5. The list is nice but I'd love to know how many parents actually can get the kids to follow it. Intresting though, looks like a good read. Thank you

  6. Sounds like an interesting read, but most of these rules should be in play before the behavior problems start. In my opinion, if you start off setting rules early, kids are less likely to break them.

  7. This sounds like a wonderful book.


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