I Need A Summer Vacation!!!

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I don't know how many days this past week I have said this. There are some days when I am so challenged that I just want to run away and hide from it all. Summer vacations are wonderful times and I remember as a kid, going on so many camping trips and getaways with my family. What a great way to make memories!!
If you are like me, and are in need of a nice, relaxing and fun vacation I have a great suggestion for you today! Have you ever been to Pennsylvania? It is a really beautiful state and we are about 3 hours from the PA line. So, we are relatively close. I just love the hills, woods and scenery there...truly a lovely place to see!
Well, tucked away in the Pennsylvania mountains, surrounding a peaceful and private lake is a place called Lake Naomi Club. This is not only a great place to get away from it all, it is also 277 acres of amazing family-oriented activities where you can re-live your childhood camping and summer fun days!

Here is some additional information about Lake Naomi Club...

Lake Naomi and Timber Trails are two communities that comprise the Lake Naomi Club. Here you will find Pennsylvania Vacation Homes and Rentals to meet any budget or style. Lake Naomi Club is located within two hours driving time of Philadelphia, North Jersey, and New York and is easily accessible any season of the year. The short drive encourages weekend use. It is also within minutes of three ski resorts. Lake Naomi Club surrounds one of the largest private lakes in the Pennsylvania Mountains and it is recognized as one of the leading vacation communities in the country. But it is not just a Pennsylvania Recreational Community. It is also a safe, family oriented luxury retreat committed to providing exceptional recreation for the whole family. Lake Naomi Club is a place where lifelong friendships are born. Second generation children are already returning with their own families. This is more than a weekend's a way of life.
What I really loved when I visited Lake Naomi Club's website was the fact that you can just visit for the day if you don't want to stay for a week. You could pack up the family and enjoy a day trip filled with boating, swimming, golf, tennis and other activities. There are fees that do apply to activities but they are reasonable.
Each week during the summer there is also a Kids Klub that provides activities for each age group. It takes on a summer camp feel and allows your children to enjoy activities such as crafts and sports. I went to week long camps before when I was a child and really enjoyed now it is possible to give my child the same opportunity that I had!
So, if you are looking to change up your vacation plans for the summer...make sure you consider what Lake Naomi Club has to offer! They will definitely give you a fun experience and you will enjoy making wonderful memories with your children!

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. All photos and logos are from the Lake Naomi Club website and email. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. this place looks fab! i want to go

  2. I used to love camping as a kid and going to camp. Such fond memories! I don't like camping as an adult though LOL

  3. That looks like a lot of fun. We have only drive through PA, never stayed...maybe we will have to change that after seeing these resorts!

  4. That looks truly wonderful. I hate admitting this, but I have never been to another state other then Florida (where I was born & still live). I have been to Canada more times then I can count when I was a kid to visit the family though.

    And I can say I definitely need a vacation!!

  5. I loved going camping as a girl scout. I'm trying to get everyone together for a camping trip this summer, but the family is a little too "Hollywood". They refuse to go unless we stay in a nearby hotel. Lake Naomi Club looks awesome!


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