Mirror, Mirror On The Wall...

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If I have to torture myself and look at myself every day in a mirror it might as well be a pretty one, right? Ha! My bedroom dresser has a gorgeous mirror and I don't know about you but I like to put photographs and special things around it. Sometimes it just gets STUFFED with photos and I have to clean it up a bit...otherwise it looks awful! In a woman's world, all she needs is a good man and a really great dresser in her bedroom, in my opinion. :)

While I was perusing, a Cymax store, I was really impressed with the awesome selection of bedroom vanities that they have. Now I prefer a sturdier dresser as opposed to a vanity. However, there are some VERY sturdy looking vanities on I especially took note of this one...
I just love the dark wood and the oval mirror. This particular vanity currently has FREE SHIPPING and costs $756.00. In my case though, I have no room for a vanity which is why I go for the dresser and full mirror on top of the dresser option.

Next, there is a mirror in my bathroom above my sink. Naturally, I look into that mirror quite do most of you. I don't really know what is available when it comes to bathroom vanities until I look; especially when I look on

I am rather plain when it comes to my I don't go modern or fancy. I like neutral colors and a relaxing look. So, I really thought that this particular vanity would look superb in a bathroom.
Again, I love the dark wood and the storage along the sides of the vanity. Isn't that great!?! Then, I was looking my choices when it comes to a vanity faucet. WOW! There are a TON from which to choose!!!
I think that my favorite faucet is the one pictured above. I love how it is elegantly designed yet not so huge that you wonder WHY it is in a bathroom and not a kitchen! Along with sink faucets, has shower and tub faucets as well. As far as the photos of the faucets go, I think they could have done a better job picturing them. It is really hard to envision what a particular faucet would look like as they are pictured separate from the sinks. Kind of odd if you ask me.
So when you are out shopping around for a new vanity for the bedroom or trying to spruce up your bathroom, please do consider for your needs. I am sure you will not be disappointed!

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  1. I just love that bathroom vanity! So cute!

  2. Oh I so want a new bathroom vanity! I love the one pictured

  3. I'd love a new sink. I need more space to put all our crap on there!

  4. That vanity faucet is beautiful! I love the chocolate wood color.

  5. Thanks for reminding me of this site. I forgot about it . It does have a lot of things. Thanks for the great review. Rita Spratlen

  6. I'm considering a move soon and have been looking at furniture sites, thanks so much for sharing this! I'd never heard of Cymax but they have some really neat stuff. That "other" online store of this type started out great but after awhile I started having some problems with them, so its awesome to find an alternative like this!


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