Adventures in Plumbing at the New House!

9:03 AM

I am LOVING my new house. Everything about it fits our family so nicely. One of the rooms I love the best is my kitchen. I tend to spend alot of time in my kitchen so liking it is pretty important. My kitchen is big and open, but doesn't have a whole lot of cupboard space. Hopefully, we will put in some additional counters and cupboards at some point down the road.

If it looks cluttered, it kind of is right now but I am still working on organizing and putting things away. :) Hopefully, it will look like an organized kitchen soon. So, our new house has a sump pump and a dishwasher. These are two items I have never had before so it has been an adventure learning about them. If I am ever in need of Sump Pump Repair by Roto-Rooter, it is good to know they are local to my area! I have heard the sump pump kick on quite a bit with all the melting snow we have been having. Glad it works!! :)

When we first moved in, we had some issues to resolve with the plumbing and some of them are still issues that we are working through. None of the issues are non-fixable, which is a good thing. The first problem we had was an extremely slow drain in the kitchen sink. We aren't sure why, but the water would trickle down the drain. So, my dad used a sink plunger and went to work on it. It was really funny to watch because the suction was so powerful, it was practically lifting the sink right out of the counter top! Needless to say, the sink is working better now than it probably ever has. HA HA!

The second issue we have (and I would love to hear your suggestions) is that when you use the shower, the water runs down the door and out onto the floor. It is almost like the door frame was put on backwards. Anyway, I have to put a towel down on the floor to sop up the water when I am done showering. My dad thinks that we should put a strip of silicone on the frame to re-direct the water back into the shower. I have also read that the only way to fix this type of problem is to re-install the frame...yuck. What do you think?

Other than those few issues (and water seeping into the basement crawlspace), we are LOVING our new house! We feel so blessed and are thankful that we picked this one out of all the other houses we looked at. :)

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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