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When you are a college student, money can be super tight. I know this because I WAS a college student once upon a time! Having money and being a student is a real oxymoron. When I was a student, I remember looking for a job. I had a job at a nursing home and was doing work in their laundry and housekeeping department. Honestly, it wasn't a glamorous job but it brought in money so it worked for me at the time.

My job search took me everywhere...including a staffing agency. I took one job that they found for me and I ended up reporting to the job once. They had all the help that they needed that day so I went home and didn't work at all that day. After a while, I left the staffing agency and began searching newpapers, websites and other places for a job. Finally, I found a really NICE job working for a car dealership. The best part about this job was that it was a job in the field that I was going to college for! YAY! My job search was well worth the effort. 

So, if you are a college student and are looking for work, DON'T GIVE UP! You may just land the perfect job that will be exactly what you are going to college for. It is worth the wait. Make sure you don't settle for anything but the best...remember, money isn't everything! Your happiness is worth more than money.

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