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Mommy's Bliss Sweet Slumber Baby Products Review

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One of my favorite times of the day is bedtime with my children. From the time my children are infants, I try to establish a gentle and relaxing bedtime routine. As they grow older, they actually know when it is time to go to bed because I have worked with them from infant-hood on a bedtime routine. My youngest is pushing 10 months old and he too knows when it is time for bed. I don't typically bathe him every night because he has sensitive skin and baths can be drying; but now that he is eating solids, he can become quite grungy during the day and therefore - some days he truly needs a bath by bedtime. I have found that with him, baths can be quite relaxing and they help him if he isn't feeling well. Baths just make him a happy little guy and I like seeing him happy. :)
When Isaac was 5 months old, I reviewed Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water and it worked great for him. Now that he is beyond the point of needing that I am so thrilled to see that Mommy's Bliss has a product line that is perfect for bedtime! Mommy's Bliss Sweet Slumber product line is designed to provide your baby with a relaxing bedtime routine, as well as giving them a deep and peaceful sleep experience each night. Before I continue on, here is a bit more about this fantastic line that is sure to give your baby a wonderful night!

Mommy’s Bliss, makers of the number one selling natural colic remedy in the United States, has just released the Sweet Slumber line of bedtime routine products for infants. The new lineup includes a 3-in-1 Baby Wash, a nightly Massage Cream and a calming bedroom Mist. All three of these new releases contain essential oils that are historically associated with relaxation and sleep such as English Lavender Oil, German Chamomile Extract and Ylang Ylang Flower Oil, among other natural, soothing botanical ingredients. The Sweet Slumber line is 100% vegetarian and vegan and their packaging is 100% recycled with post-consumer resin. Gentle enough for daily use, these products are all hypoallergenic and contain no artificial fragrances, gluten, soy, alcohol, sulfates phthalates or parabens. The Sweet Slumber line will have your little one dreaming peacefully in no time!

Isaac typically does not have issues going to sleep at night; however, he does struggle some nights especially if he is having teething issues or is over tired. I don't have anything special that I do during these times, I just cuddle him as much as I can and then snuggle him in for the night. I was so excited with the opportunity to review this brand new line from Mommy's could quite possibly be the answer to my difficult nights with Isaac!
So, for this review I was sent the full Sweet Slumber product line from Mommy's Bliss. First and foremost, I LOVE the blue bottles. They look so pretty and relaxing and would make a perfect addition to a baby shower gift basket. In this line there is Sweet Slumber Massage Cream, Sweet Slumber 3-in-1 Baby Wash and Sweet Slumber Mist.
Tonight, Isaac was fussing quite a bit before bedtime so I decided to give him a bath using these products. As you can see above, he LOVES bath time and becomes instantly happy when taken in for his bath. I just love those toothy smiles. :)
I love the fragrance of these products. Lavender has long been known for it's relaxing properties and when I added the Sweet Slumber 3-in-1 Baby Wash to his tub, it smelled amazing. Not only is it a baby wash, it is also bubble bath and shampoo. So, he just LOVED to splash in the bubbles. While he was playing, I massaged it into his hair and also washed his body while I was at it. He had a blast. The aroma was wonderful and he was definitely a happy baby.
After his bath, I massaged the Sweet Slumber Massage Cream all over his body. Because he has eczema, I am very careful about what I use on him. This cream is perfect for sensitive skin. He wasn't itching much at all after using this cream and it smelled really nice. Once he was snuggled in his pajamas, he was seriously falling asleep in my arms. By the time I sat down to give him his final feeding for the evening, he was drowsing off.
I have never used anything like the Sweet Slumber Mist before. This is really a neat product. You can spray it on baby's bed linens, blankets and pajamas. I sprayed it around the room prior to putting Isaac to bed and it (again) smelled wonderful. I can really see how it would help a baby sleep. As I am typing this out, Isaac has been sleeping now for over an hour and is sleeping SOUNDLY. There hasn't been a peep out of him. I can tell you that these products are wonderful when it comes to relaxing my baby. The scent, the massage and the spray are all working nicely to give him a good night's rest.

The prices for these products (which you can find at Walgreens nationwide) are as follows:

Mommy's Bliss Sweet Slumber 3-in-1 Baby Wash ~ $7.99
Mommy's Bliss Sweet Slumber Massage Cream ~ $6.99
Mommy's Bliss Sweet Slumber Mist ~ $5.99
You can also find Mommy's Bliss on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and also on their blog! I am sure they would love to meet you so be sure to stop on by and let them know that you read all about them here! :)

So, in my opinion...I am so happy with the Mommy's Bliss Sweet Slumber line! My son is totally relaxed after being treated to these products and I just love how great they smell. The ingredients are all natural, soothing and relaxing for both baby and mom. After my experience with the Sweet Slumber line, I would definitely recommend it to anyone...parents, care-takers and grandparents. You will enjoy a happy and relaxed baby which means one thing: YOU will sleep well too!

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive free Mommy's Bliss Sweet Slumber products for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from the Mommy's Bliss website and email. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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