The Day My House Smelled Like Rotten Eggs...

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Have I ever told you all about the time we had major plumbing problems? It wasn't like we had to fix a clogged drain or anything simple like that...we had issues!! If I have told this before, I am sorry but I was thinking about it again today and thought I would take a brief walk down memory lane.

I had just come home from the hospital with our first baby, Hannah Grace. She was perfect. Well, she was a colicky little thing and although we loved her dearly, she could scream until she had no more tears. I would be up all hours of the night with her and rarely slept myself. She loved to nurse and cuddle and loved to be held. Putting her down for a few minutes was against the law, apparently, and she hated it when I took showers. That meant she was put in her bassinet and no one was holding her. Hmmm...love those memories! Anyway, we were sitting in the living room one afternoon and Greg had not yet returned home from work.

As I sat on the couch enjoying my newborn, I smelled a horrible smell. It was a smell that I can still remember...rotten eggs. I guess you could say that if you never smelled it before and then realized what it was, you would forever know what that smell was. After inspecting our house, we discovered that we had sewage backing up into our basement. Can anyone say "ewwwww!!"?!?!? It was disgusting.

Immediately, we called my father who knows just about everything about anything. He came right over as the smell was beginning to burn our nostrils and eyes. I was worried about the baby getting it in her lungs and we were really feeling sick from it. It was horrific. He snaked the pipes for us and then rigged up a system that we could use to pour drain opener down the pipes. I guess we had loads of hair and grease down the pipes and that ultimately can cause a backup. I was so thankful that my dad came over that day!!

Ever since then, we faithfully put drain opener down the pipes about once every three months. Never again did we have a sewage back up and boy was I glad about that!!

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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