Back Pain and You

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If you or someone you know suffers from Back Pain then you know exactly how annoying and uncomfortable it can be. It can really mess with your quality of life and that is the part that I hate. Some of the worst back pain I have ever experienced stems from an accident I had as a child. My brother was pushing me on a huge tire swing in our front yard and the swing was about 4 feet off the ground when the rope snapped and the swing smashed to the ground...with me on it. At the time, that huge THUD didn't seem all that bad. I had a twisted ankle but nothing more that I could tell. Several years later I had horrible lower Back Pain and it was to the point where I needed medical attention. After being evaluated by a chiropractor and getting some xrays done, I was diagnosed with a deteriorated disk...caused by a blunt force impact - the accident with the swing.

So, here I am many years later and still dealing with on and off back discomfort. I wanted to share some tips with you all on how to help your back pain and how to keep it from defining who you are. 

The first thing that can really help is seeing a chiropractor. They are specially trained physicians that specifically deal with back problems. It is really amazing how they can manipulate the body to put it back into the proper alignment. I have even found that during my pregnancies, my chiropractor helps with pregnancy-related back problems too. At first I was scared to go when I was pregnant, but after learning that it is safe and totally find to have adjustments while you are expecting, I was excited to get my back adjusted. It made pregnancy so much easier.

My other tip is to make sure you are wearing good, supportive shoes. When I had an office job I love to wear heels. However, my body didn't like the heels and I was experiencing back fatigue and pain like never before. Shoes have a huge impact on how your back feels because they are supporting your entire body. Now that I am a stay at home mom I only wear flats...even when I go out. It is so much better for my body and I have some really nice shoes the are gorgeous even though they aren't heels.

So, those are just a few tips that I have when it comes to back pain. I am no expert and certainly am not a physician but if you can prevent back problems, please do!!  It is such a horrible way to live and taking care of yourself is key to good health and a pain-free life!

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