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Happy Birthday to ME from ProFlowers!

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So another birthday has come and gone for me. Birthdays are not what they used to be - something I looked forward to. Getting older used to be fun. Now, it is a drag. My dad called me to wish me a happy birthday and I told him that it felt like just another day. Don't get me hubby takes me out on a date and gets me something special so it is a special day, just not a day that I really LOVE because I know I am getting older. This year I had a wonderful birthday. My husband took me out to dinner and my sister graciously babysat all three of my children for us. This is the first time since Isaac was born that I have gone out with my husband on a date and it was absolutely wonderful.
Because I am a woman, I naturally LOVE to get flowers. My dad made it a habit to always buy his girls flowers on their birthdays and on Valentine's Day so I have been getting flowers for many years now. My hubby has since taken over the flower buying and he does a really great job! Did you know that you don't have to have a special occasion to buy someone flowers? You can buy them for any time and for no reason at all other than to let someone know they are special to you. So, if you are looking to buy flowers for someone (especially since Spring is right around the corner) let me tell you all about ProFlowers! ProFlowers makes sure your loved one gets some of the most beautiful flowers...delivered right to their door! Here is a bit more about this company...

We have been connecting consumers with fresh-from-the-field flowers since 1998. It's no wonder that ProFlowers has led the industry in providing a 7 day freshness guarantee on each and every order. Here's why: At each one of our farms, employees and experts nurture the flowers from bud to blossom, ensuring only the best-of-the-best get picked for your bouquet. Once hand-picked, our flowers are delivered directly to you. Others take a longer route through brokers, middlemen and, finally, a florist's shop. By the time they reach the recipient, their best days are long gone. ProFlowers employees have one job: to make sure you send or are sent the highest quality flowers. That's why when people order ProFlowers, they continue to come back. Never hesitate to call us if you have a problem.
I have always thought that ProFlowers was no different from other mail order flower companies. I thought they partnered with local floral shops and the florist would deliver the flowers. When I found out that ProFlowers grows their own flowers, picks them and then mails them out directly, I was really impressed! That is one way to make sure your flowers are the freshest and will last the longest. 
So, for this review I picked out the Deluxe Pink Sapphire Bouquet because I am crazy about roses and the colors that are in this bouquet. It also looked really full and busting with buds. I will tell you here that it was extremely difficult to pick out a bouquet...there were so many gorgeous options and I wanted all of them!
Because last Friday was my birthday, that was the date I chose to have these flowers delivered. It was a "Happy Birthday" to me, from me. Ha ha! Hubby was glad to know he was off the hook. :) My parents took me out for lunch and I was concerned that I would be gone when my flowers were delivered. I was happy to find online that the flowers would be left in a secure location if I was not home and sure enough, when I returned home after lunch, my flowers were waiting for me! This was how I found them. They were nicely packaged in a long box and the greeting card was attached right to the inside of the box so you won't miss it. 
I was a bit disappointed that the flowers did not automatically come with a vase and I needed to get one separately. They do however, give you some wonderful vase options and you can have a vase sent with the flowers. This is what I did and I ended up getting a gorgeous Square Glass Vase. 
Once you have unwrapped your flowers (and they are wrapped very carefully), there are some helpful instructions included on how to properly care for your flowers after they have been shipped. I didn't know this but I had to remove 2-3 petals from each rose as those are the protective petals. This helped the roses to open nicely. I also trimmed the stems so that they would be fresh cut to absorb the water. Included with my flowers were two packets of flower food so that I could have two fresh vases of water. 
So, what kinds of flowers are in this Deluxe Pink Sapphire Bouquet? Well, you will get: 12 pink roses, 5 stems of pink Peruvian lilies (multiple blooms per stem), 7 butterfly asters and 5 stems of leather leaf fern. Like I said before, I love the roses and lilies are also some of my favorite flowers. My wedding bouquet had Stargazer Lilies in it and they were beautiful!! 
This bouquet is arranged beautifully so all you need to do is put it in a vase! I love how easy it was to assemble and as you can see above, there was no arranging necessary! 
The picture above is of the flowers three days after receiving them. As you can see, the roses are opening beautifully-as are the lilies and the Butterfly Asters are getting tiny white buds popping out the tops of them. It  looks better every day! I would definitely say that the arrangement has relaxed quite a bit from when I received it but it is for the better. It looks so hubby was impressed! This particular bouquet is a ProFlowers bestseller and retails for $39.98. If price is an issue for you, remember that you can find ProFlower discounts online by clicking HERE or by searching for "ProFlower Discounts" or "Red Envelope Coupons".

So, whether you are shopping for Easter flowers, wedding flowers or just everyday flowers, ProFlowers has you completely covered. If you visit their website, you better be sitting in a comfy chair because you will be there awhile. :) Also, be sure to check out ProFlowers on Facebook so you don't miss any news or special deals that they may be having. They would love to have another fan, I'm sure. :) 
So, in my opinion...ProFlowers made my birthday extra special this year. The flowers themselves were gorgeous and perfect in every way. I loved how I could pick my shipping date and had them delivered right on my special! I would definitely recommend this company to anyone; it's always the right time to send flowers. :)

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive free flowers from ProFlowers for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from the ProFlowers website and email. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. The pictures of the flowers are beautiful. Hope your birthday was wonderful!
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  2. Those flowers look nothing like the example in the ProFlowers photo. It looks like you received 1/4 of the flowers advertised. I would've been very upset to receive those.


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