My Favorite Job

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I remember when I landed my job at the car dealership. I know I talk about it alot here but it's because it was my all time favorite job and I loved it there. :) I started my job as an evening receptionist and after graduating from college, I was promoted to the daytime receptionist and worked "normal" last. As with all dealerships, this one had a girl who worked as a title clerk and she happened to be good at her job but cut alot of corners and was very sloppy. Eventually, her and my boss had a HUGE argument which prompted this girl to quit her job and leave the dealership. Turns out, the mistakes she was making would have caused major problems for the dealership so it was better that she left.

My boss really loved my work ethic and immediately, called me into her office and offered me the position of Title Clerk. From the other girl's horror stories of this position my first response was NO!! But after talking it through with my boss, I decided I would try it out. After just a few days in the position I found that I loved it. I wasn't in the finance department but sometimes I would have to look at people's car loans and believe it or not, that was used in the titling and registration process. The owner's mom had relatives in Florida so we would have to help them with car title loans in tampa on occasion but that was no big deal. I mainly dealt with the registration process.

My boss was THRILLED with the progress that I made when I became the Title Clerk. I organized the huge mess that was left behind and it took me weeks to get the books back to order. If the state had come in while the other girl was in the position, our dealership would have had MAJOR problems. I hated cleaning up the mess but enjoyed being able to look at the work that was accomplished and know that it was my hard work that made it look good again. Truly, that was a job that I loved.

This is a sponsored post however, all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. 

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