NATURAL Memory Foam!

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Back when I was expecting Isaac, my back gave me fits. At night, I could not get comfortable in any position because I had terrible sciatic nerve pain. My hips were also a source of a lot of pain and I would literally have to get out of bed to stretch myself before trying to go to sleep again. When I was four months pregnant, we went on a trip to Chicago to visit friends and I was worried about how sleeping would be for me. No matter what stage of pregnancy I am in, it seems that my back and hips are tough to deal with. When we stayed with our friends, I had the privilege of sleeping on a memory foam mattress. Oh my. I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful it felt on my back. I don't think I slept that well in ages...especially when I was pregnant.

So, if you are looking for a wonderful memory foam mattress, why don't you start your search at Essentia? This company specializes in chemical free mattresses with natural foam. I know so many people who have environmental allergies, this would be a perfect product for them. Because we recently purchased a mattress, I am currently not in the market for one but if I was, I think I might want to try out one of these memory foam mattress. Not only do they sell mattresses, but they also sell bedding, pillows AND pet beds! I love their crib mattresses too. Your baby needs a high quality mattress too so don't over look them when shopping for your crib needs.

My experience with memory foam has been very positive. Any time I have slept on a mattress made of this foam I have slept soundly and my body has felt great in the morning. I love how it conforms to your body to make your sleeping experience personal and also how comfortable it really is to be "held" by your mattress. If that sounds crazy, you truly need to try out one of these mattresses. I think at first it may be hard to get used to but after a while you will wonder how you ever went without a memory foam mattress. Maybe someday I will own a natural, chemical free mattress like the ones sold by Essentia and my future pregnancies can be pain free and comfy...which to me would be a perfect pregnancy.

This is a sponsored post brought to your friends at Essentia

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