What a Nice Way To Retire...

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There are seriously some days when I say to myself "I want to retire". Then, I laugh and continue going about my day. Usually, I am having a difficult day when I say that but then, I look at my babies and remember all the FUN we have and then, I feel much better. I have recently been very disappointed with the options that are left people when it comes to retiring. I know my father has retired but is still young enough to enjoy life and all that comes with retirement. But what happens when he is older and needs a smaller house? (Right now he lives on 30+ acres with a HUGE backyard to mow and keep up...loads of work.) What options are available for him and my mom?

Well, I don't exactly relish the idea of them moving to a different state because honestly, I love being able to drive to their house in 20 minutes or less. However, if they ever wanted to move somewhere warmer, I can't say that I blame them. What would you think if you had THAT pool in your backyard?? Well, there actually are Retirement Communities in Florida that offer amenities like that. Wow...looks more like a resort than a retirement community, doesn't it? 

So, if my parents ever decide to move to a retirement community, I would be very happy for them. I mean, having worked all their lives (my mom raised 6 children and home schooled every one of them and my dad worked 35+ years to provide for his family) they deserve the best and I think a place like that one pictured above would be WONDERFUL for them. Hey, I could visit, couldn't I? ;) If you or someone you love is looking for a nice place to retire, check out some communities near you and just see what they offer. It could possibly be the best thing your parents have ever done!

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