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Soft Scrub Advanced Surface Review & Giveaway {3 Winners}

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Since moving to the new house I am enjoying keeping up with the housework and daily chores. I am SO THANKFUL for this place because it is so much bigger and has some amenities that the old house did not. We do not have central air though, but hopefully we will have it next summer. That is one amenity that I will miss for sure. But, I am really really REALLY enjoying my dishwasher, granite counter tops and gas stove. I had an electric, glass top stove in the old house and honestly, gas cooks my food so much better. I had always heard that but never really believed it until now. Anyway, I am the proud owner of granite counter tops (although the color is not my favorite) and I love them! Other than the grouted seams, they are super easy to clean and look pretty sharp too. Since moving here, I have been looking for good cleaning products for my house and have been really happy with what I have found!
Recently, I reviewed a really nice all purpose cleaner from Soft Scrub that has worked wonderfully for me. I keep it in my bathroom and clean the tub with's amazing! Anyway, I was thrilled when I found out about Soft Scrub Advanced Surface and was even more happy to hear that I could use it in my stainless steel kitchen sinks and also on my granite counter tops! In case you forgot between the last Soft Scrub post and this one, here is a bit more about Soft Scrub...

Soft Scrub is Tough, Gentle and Versatile enough to be used everyday in many ways. Try Soft Scrub Cleansers for a deep clean that is gentle enough to use on delicate surfaces. Soft Scrub Total is powerful enough to clean your entire home and can even be used upside down for those hard to reach places! Use Soft Scrub Gels to penetrate stains and rinse clean for your toughest jobs.

Like I said, I am LOVING using Soft Scrub in my bathroom. It cleans so nicely and smells so my bathtub has never been easier. Love it!!
So, for this review and because I am a Purex Insider, I received a bottle of Soft Scrub Advanced Surface! I was REALLY excited about this product from Soft Scrub simply because I have been looking for a better cleaning product for my kitchen surfaces.
On the front of the bottle, you can see just what kinds of surfaces you can use this product on and it is specially formulated to be gentle on your most delicate surfaces. I don't have any marble surfaces in my house but know plenty of people who do and this would be a perfect product for them!
I got right to work on my kitchen counters today and was really surprised at how easy it was to use this cleaner. All you do is squirt some of the gel on your surface and wipe it's that easy. No rinsing, no elbow grease scrubbing, just squirt and wipe. I am liking this. The gel is clear in color so I am not sure if you can see it in the picture above but I did use very little.
Needless to say, I am really happy with how shiny and clean my counters looked after wiping them down with Soft Scrub Advanced Surface. It is nice to have a good Granite cleaner on hand for my counters and also something that is super easy to use. You just can't beat that!

You can purchase this cleaner at mass retailers across the country and it retails for about $3.39/bottle. Also, please be sure to check out Soft Scrub on Facebook

So, in my opinion...Soft Scrub Advanced Surface cleaner is wonderful! I am so excited to finally have a great product to use in my kitchen and other areas of my house. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone! :)
Now, I have a coupon for Free Soft Scrub to give away to three of you! Here are your entry options in to this giveaway...
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. Soft Scrub did provide me a free sample of their Advanced Surface Cleaner for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from the Soft Scrub website and email. Prizes are in coupon form and will be mailed by myself. This blog is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen prizes and in this case, I am not responsible for replacing coupons under any circumstances.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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