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Yum V's Jellie Vitamins Make Staying Healthy Fun!

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When Jacob was a baby, he was found to be deficient in vitamins. This was discovered through standard blood work that was done and I was so upset that he had a problem with this. Hannah never had issues with deficiencies of any kind so this was new territory for me. I put him on an infant's liquid multi-vitamin and within several months, he was much better. Ever since then I have had both him and Hannah on a daily vitamin for their all-around health and nutrition. Both of them HATE veggies so they truly do need a vitamin to keep them balanced. 
Recently, I found out about a company that makes pectin-based nutritional supplements for children. Supplements that are pectin-based will not stick to your teeth and are much healthier for your child. Yum V's Jellie Vitamins are a product of Teelah Corp. and they are definitely a yummy option when it comes to vitamin nutrition. Here is a bit more about Yum V's...

All moms worry that their kids are not getting enough nutrition. It's not always easy to get your child to eat broccoli! Yum-V’s jellies are loaded with the nutrients your children need to grow up healthy and strong. And because our jellies are made of pectin, they not only tastes great but they help the body absorb the vitamins. All of our jellies are All Natural. They have no preservatives or artificial food colorings and are certified Non-GMO.

When it comes to giving my children a good vitamin I am overwhelmed by the many varieties, flavors and brands that are available. So, I try different ones and see which ones work best for us and stick with my favorites! I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to review Yum V's Jellie are my thoughts!
For this review I was sent Yum V's Vitamin C Jellies. The bottle is very colorful and fun! Ok, so several points to make about this particular brand of vitamin. First of all, they are all-natural, allergen free, certified kosher, gluten free and VERY tasty. In my church, there are several families that struggle with food allergies and I am so excited to introduce them to Yum V's. It is good to know that there is a vitamin available to them that will be helpful for their children without causing their allergies to flare up.
These Vitamin C Jellies are orange in color, but this is not because of chemical dye. It is due to the fact that Teelah uses fruit and vegetable based coloring in their products, and all fruits and vegetables have some sort of color to them. Vitamin C Jellies are also orange flavored and VERY tasty.
The real test comes when it is time for the children to taste the vitamins. They are my reviewers in this case and they were more than happy to try these vitamins out! I tried one too, just to see what the flavor and texture is like. I am happy to report that my children LOVED these vitamins. They devoured them and didn't see anything undesirable about them. I loved the fact that they were not super chewy and no, they didn't stick to my teeth. This was WONDERFUL!
These are definitely vitamins that my children enjoy taking. My husband also tried one (he loves taking the kid's vitamins...ha ha!) and he also loved them! I am also really excited to have something to give them that is all-natural and allergy free. The idea of using something that is gelatin free is also a neat concept that I had never considered before but am happy about because I want my children's teeth to stay healthy.

You can purchase Yum V's Vitamin C Jellies online at Amazon and other natural food stores and they retail for about $25.00/60 jellies.

So, in my opinion...Yum V's Jellie Vitamins are wonderful! I love how they are easy on my children's teeth and are also allergen free. It is so great to have a product like this available to parents so they can keep their children healthy and nutritionally balanced. Be sure to check them out today and see all the other wonderful vitamins and supplements they offer.

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive free Yum V's Jellie Vitamins for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from the Yum V's website and email. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. These look good :) I have fond memories of my mommy giving us multi vits. in our young days; only ours were hard, chalky animal shapes- they were still good though...


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