Loving Our Van!

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When I was still working at the car dealership, I was eyeing a cute little car on the lot. I had never had a brand new car before and had always wanted one at some point. So, I decided to lease a vehicle because leasing would give me a brand new car without having to make payments for the rest of the life. I still had to make payments and it would work really well for me because I didn't do alot of driving at the time.

Once I started to have children we quickly realized that we would be needed a bigger vehicle. This was shortly after our second child was born. Trying to squeeze two car seats into a four door sedan was challenging and we were doing alot of travelling and needed space for luggage. You all know how that is...when you have babies, you have gear. LOTS of gear. Strollers, Pack N' Plays, etc. Well, we knew we had to get a bigger vehicle and if we lived down south, we probably would have gone to Car Dealers in Greensboro NC for a bigger car but since we are here, we shopped locally.

We began to search at different dealerships and at last, we narrowed down our search to Dodge Grand Caravans. We loved the roomy features that those vehicles offered and were impressed by the overall look of the van. I remember the day my inlaws came  to visit and on a whim, my husband and his dad took a quick drive over to our local Dodge dealer. To my shock and utter surprise, hubby drove the most beautiful cranberry red van into our driveway. He was taking the van for a test drive and wanted my opinion. I thought "There is NO WAY we can afford this gorgeous van!!" Well, guess what. We could, and we ended up buying it!

Our Dodge Grand Caravan has been a dream vehicle for us. The back seats fold down completely for travelling with all of our "stuff" and there are cool compartments under the floors for extra storage. I cannot tell you just how much we enjoy our van. Even if we do not have a lot of gear with us it is so roomy and the children each have their own little place in the van. I am sure looking forward to many more years in this van and hopefully, we will have it paid off in the next year or so. :)

This is a sponsored post however, all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. 

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