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HearthSong’s Heart Wall Stickers Review & Giveaway

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Well, today I kept my promise to my daughter and we baked cut out cookies! I was horrified when I realized that I had absolutely NO heart-shaped cookie cutters!!! How is that even possible? So, we had to make due with some teddy bears, stars, butterflies and flowers. Oh well...I don't think Hannah minded at all. Since our move to the new house we have been loving all the extra room. Hannah, Jacob and Isaac all have their own rooms now and I am in the beginning stages of planning out how I want to paint and decorate their rooms. How fun it is to look at paint colors, wall borders and children's room themes! It has been awhile since I have done this and am really having fun. Between now and the time we re-paint Hannah's room, I wanted something for her walls. It seems so bare and empty in there and it is a large room. She really needed some color in there!
So, when I heard that HearthSong had Valentine's Day themed items, I was sooo happy! I immediately began to peruse the vast selection and was thrilled with what I found there. In case you have never heard of HearthSong, here is a bit more about this fun company...

Since its beginning in 1983, HearthSong has been committed to helping parents follow their instincts to provide their children with age-appropriate, wholesome, quality playthings. That's because at HearthSong, we believe childhood is a vital chapter in life-a special time when children can be occupied with the joy of being children. And, equally importantly, a time when children need to experience as much creative, imaginative play as possible because kids experience so many of life's first lessons through play. 

The first HearthSong catalog was printed in black and white, with pencil drawings of carefully selected toys and books and mailed from the home of founder Barbara Kane by her family. The name HearthSong was chosen to reflect core family values - the Hearth, a traditional symbol for the center of the home, and Song, a symbol of family spirit and of a special playfulness that parents and children enjoy together. 

Over the next 25 years, HearthSong evolved into a nationally known and respected source for quality children's toys, games and crafts. Parents who found unique toys for their children decades ago tell us they're now thrilled to be finding the same kinds of educational, entertaining toys to give to their children's children. 

Our selection of products has grown and expanded too. But we can still guarantee that each item is carefully selected for its quality, safety, and relevance to your child's development - and we are steadfast in our commitment to provide you with Toys You'll Feel Good About Giving®. 

Well, this is 2013 which means that HearthSong is celebrating 30 years as a company! Boy, does that make me feel old. Anyway, as I was saying, HearthSong has so many different Valentine's Day items it is really hard to make a selection.
So, for this review I was sent the Heart Wall Stickers. I was very excited about getting these because I knew Hannah would love them in her room and they would really help fill an empty wall.
When you open the can, you will find two large sheets of colored stars. Some of them are overlapping and others are just single. It is so cute to see all the bright colors and different sized hearts. There are 50 hearts total and they range in size from 1 1/2" to 12". Aren't they pretty?!?
My daughter was so excited to have these hearts for her bedroom. She just had to help put them up! They are sooo easy to use. All you do is peel them off the paper and then stick them on the wall! 
They are totally removable wall stickers so if you need to move them, just peel them and relocate them. They don't damage your walls, yet stick really nicely. 
 I was glad that they were removable because Hannah could only stick them where she could reach. That meant that she had tons in one area of the wall and they weren't spread out really well. So, I subtly rearranged them when she wasn't looking. ;) She had such a blast sticking them on her walls. Jacob was able to help too! He too stuck them at his level, which meant more rearranging for mom to do. :)
After we were done, I was pleasantly surprised at how great the room looked (can you tell which hearts Hannah stuck up there? LOL!). The hearts really brightened up Hannah's room and made it look fun and inviting. She LOVES it and could not wait for daddy to get home so she could show him. He was really impressed and she was so excited to show him. 

These Heart Wall Stickers retail for $49.98 and honestly...are worth every penny! They are removable and don't damage walls and best of all, they will match any room decor. Your child can decorate their own room too which is also nice. You won't be worrying about glue or adhesive getting on the carpets and your child will be able to say that they decorated all by themselves! I love it!
You can check out HearthSong's other Valentine's Day gift ideas (hey, you have the rest of the week...make it Valentine's WEEK!) and also, be sure to follow them on their social media sites! HearthSong is on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

HearthSong has offered to giveaway Heart Wall Stickers to one of my readers! Here are your entry options...
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Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive free HearthSong products for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from the HearthSong website and email. Prize is being provided and shipped by the sponsor. This blog is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged prizes. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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