Valentine's Day Fun!

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Happy Saturday, everyone!! So, how was your Valentine's Day? Mine was wonderful. We actually did most of our celebrating the day before because I wanted my hubby to have cookies to take to work on Valentine's Day. It also was easier to do everything the day before so I could RELAX on the actual day. As promised, I have compiled some pictures of us doing our cookie baking and some other cute pictures from our day. Hope your day was special and that you enjoyed being pampered or did some romantic pampering. :)
So, cookie baking extravaganza started out with Hannah helping me make the cookie dough. Here she is, all ready to help!
As a mom, I have had to learn to relax ALOT when the children help bake. Yes, there will be messes and YES, those messes are totally cleanable. My OCD kicks in when they help but I know that it is part of making memories so sometimes, I just let them dig in :)
Next, we had to roll out the dough! Cut out cookies are fun to make but are a TON of work. I only do them a few times a year because they are fun for the children. Hannah loves to use alot of flour! :)
She was a VERY good helper. :)
Our cookies are ready for the oven! Can you believe that I had NO heart-shaped cookie cutters?!? Wow...I need to get one. :)
Next, we made home made frosting! I looked for a fluffy sugar cookie frosting and FOUND ONE here. Oh yeah...a good one too. :) It was easy to use and hardened really nicely all while staying fluffy!
Of course, you cannot make frosting for Valentine's Day Cookies without tinting it pink. I love how great this frosting was to work with!!
As with all baking adventures in this house, you HAVE to lick ANY beaters that get dirty and you better have two so they don't have to share! LOL!
These took about 45 minutes to frost and decorate. To make the chocolate shapes on the top, simply melt semi-sweet chocolate (I used semi sweet chocolate chips) and then put the melted chocolate in a bag. (Pastry or sandwich bag...cut a small corner of the bag so you have a fine tip). Next, "draw" your shapes onto wax paper and chill. They should peel right off the paper and then you can embellish your cookies or desserts. Just make sure you work quickly because the chocolate softens when brought to room temperature. 
They aren't perfect, but they are cute. Very cute. I am kind of attached to the chocolate embellishments too...may have to do that again. 
To end it all perfectly, hubby bought his daughter and I the most GORGEOUS flowers. The pink ones are Hannah's and the roses...yeah...are ALL mine! :) Woo Hoo! YAY for hubby. :) He did a great job. However, I don't need roses to know he loves me. He truly is a great guy! 

So, that is a re-cap of our cookie baking and Valentine's Day. I hope your day was just as nice if not better! Enjoy your weekend and I will see you Monday! :)

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