Slow Drains?

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Ahhh memories. Of the old house, that is. Some of them are WONDERFUL memories, and then there are those other memories. When we first put the house up for sale, I cried. This was the home I had come home to after my wedding day, the home we brought our first baby home to and the only home I had ever known as a wife. Yes, it was a small house but it was home. I was so worried that I would be homesick after our move, but just the opposite happened. I fell head over heels in love with the new house! The best part...this house is newer than the last one! AND, it has a newly renovated bathroom! That is a huge deal.

In our old house, I was cook, laundry lady, dishwasher and head plumber. :) Plumbing issues were never ending there because all of the plumbing was the original from when the house was built in the 60's. If Roto-Rooter knew the talent I possessed, they would probably hire me in a heartbeat!! :) Actually, I was OK at plumbing. I guess I am more of a problem solver than anything. If I see something not working right, I want to know WHY it isn't working and I will try to fix it myself. If for some reason I really cannot fix it, I will call my daddy because he is smart. I tell him all the time that his brains are very valuable.

Anyway, our bathtub drain was always slow. The tub was an ancient, ceramic tub and looked like the original tub. The drain stopper flapped around and would not always drain the tub and I had to take it all apart to clean the hair and junk out of it. It was a royal pain. I finally found a way to rig a bucket to sit under the tub faucet and press on the stopper handle so it would drain. Well, one day I had taken it all apart to clean it and even after cleaning the drain, it was still going super slow. I got some professional strength drain opener that was a gel/foam variety. I thought I would be able to dump it right down and walk away. Nope. The drain opener foamed up and took forever to work its way down. Unfortunately, I had a whole bottle to dump down the drain so guess what I did that night...yep...I sat by the tub dumping tablespoon by tablespoon of drain opener down the drain until the bottle was empty.

The good news is that the next morning, the drain was working like new!! Phew! Although it was a ton of boring work, it was a success! Boy am I thankful for a new bathroom. :) What about you...has this ever happened to you? Fun, isn't it? :)

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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