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Check Out Theses YUMMY Cooking Sauces from Citizen Chef!

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So, in case you haven't noticed I am a huge fan of all things food. Yep, I am a foodie. :) My husband and I both love to cook and we like to swap out cooking dinner responsibilities. In fact, my husband was asked if I ever make dinner for him. HA HA! Truth be told, the only reason he makes dinner some of the time is because he likes to do it and finds the craziest recipes to try. I think he enjoys the challenge of trying to make dinner turn out tasty. Most of the time, he nails it. Man, am I a lucky girl or what! Some of our favorite recipes contain yummy sauces and marinades and those can be so fun to make. They are fun but usually they take some time to prepare so I always looking for tasty pre-made, gourmet sauces that taste homemade but don't take all the time in the world to prepare.
I think it's high time you all met Citizen Chef. This company makes six amazing cooking sauces that are fresh,   feisty and very VERY tasty. Not only do they make cooking sauces but they also make Salad Kits! Here is a bit more about Citizen Chef...your key to yummy, quick and easy dinner solutions!

We're a small group of parents, kids and busy professionals who know first hand how difficult it is to make healthy choices amid the daily hustle and bustle. Instead of throwing our hands up in defeat, we've taken on the challenge to make it easier for busy folks to prepare fresh, healthy, and tasty meals at home. The result? Products that taste as good as they make you feel. Better yet, they're quick and easy to use so when it comes to cooking you can stop saying, "no time!" and start saying, "no sweat!". At its core, Citizen Chef is about empowering people to make healthier choices for their bodies and the planet. We're a pretty light-hearted bunch, but there are a few things we take very seriously. We love fresh ingredients that are packed with an abundance of flavor and nutrients, and that's exactly what you'll find in our products. Fresh, raw vegetables, abundant grains and mouthwatering sauces. All of our ingredients are all natural, all the time - no artificial flavors, no preservatives, no funny business.

Before you go and lump this company in with all the other ready-to-eat sauce companies, let me tell you something. As soon as I opened a container of Citizen Chef sauce, it smelled just as fresh as if I had made it myself. You cannot buy that from any other manufacturer!!
So, for this review I was sent all six of Citizen Chef's Cooking Sauces! The flavors are as follows:  Chipotle Adobo, Thai Coconut, Limone Garlic, Hawaiian Pineapple BBQ (Y.U.M.!!), Pan Asian Orange and Parmesan Primavera. Is your mouth watering yet? Boy oh have NO idea how much fun reviewing these sauces has been!
Because we are huge Chinese food fans, I chose to try the Pan Asian Orange sauce first. Upon opening the container of sauce and giving it a stir, I was immediately met with the amazing, aromatic smell of fresh oranges. Orange sauce has a bit of a tang to it and this sauce was seasoned perfectly!! You can really taste and smell the ginger and orange peel too.
So, to prepare my dinner all I did was cook diced chicken breast in a bit of olive oil. Once it was done cooking, I put it in a sauce pan with the Pan Asian Orange Sauce and simmered it together while I was cooking the rice. I think dinner took all of 15 minutes TOTAL to prepare. My husband arrived home and took a big whiff as soon as he walked through the door and was sooo surprised to see what I had made for dinner! It was delicious and tasted home made too. There was enough left over for my husband to take for lunch the next day and he enjoyed having home cooked food for his lunch.
Last week we had special meetings at church every night of the week and so we needed quick suppers. So, I decided to try the Parmesan Primavera and made Fettuccine Alfredo.
This made a DELICIOUS dinner for us as well. It was quick, easy and super yummy. I could have added chicken to make it even better but we were really short on time so I just cooked the pasta, threw some green beans on the side and voila! Dinner was served. There were no leftovers whatsoever and honestly, that means my family loved dinner! I don't mind leftovers but it is nice to know that I fix something my whole family enjoys that much.
Seriously, I am so excited to dig into the rest of the sauces...there are endless possibilities and if you are not creative, you can check out the recipe ideas on Citizen Chef's website. They have tons of ideas on how you can incorporate each sauce into a recipe to make dinner or lunch even better! Also, good to know that these sauces are:
~100% Natural~
~Gluten Free~
~Dairy Free (all SKU’s except the Parmesan Primavera)~
~Low sodium~ 
As someone who enjoys cooking, I truly appreciate Citizen Chef and what they offer. It makes cooking so much more fun and can really add flavor and taste combinations that will make your family beg for more. Right now, you can purchase Citizen Chef products at the stores listed HERE...mainly in the mid-western states. HOWEVER, they are coming to the East Coast very soon! When they do, I will be hosting a giveaway right here for each of these tasty 6 sauces so stay won't want to miss it! Oh yes...don't forget that you can find Citizen Chef on Facebook and also on Pinterest and Twitter. They would also really love it if you subscribed to their email newsletter so you don't miss out on anything yummy that they are cooking up! :)
So, in my opinion...Citizen Chef is a fantastic company! I love cooking with the sauces I was sent and am so excited to keep trying them all. It is good to know that they will soon be selling their products here in my neck of the woods and I am so thrilled to have gotten to know them a bit more through this review. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who loves to cook but needs fast and easy solutions to complicated dinners. Be sure to check them out today and have fun cooking!

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive free Citizen Chef Products for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from the Citizen Chef website and email. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. These look so good Sally :) Thanks for making my mouth water! :D

  2. Hey Sally. Just bought Hawaiian BBQ, trying it out tomorrow night for dinner. I'm in NYC & I found the sauce in pathmark

  3. Hi, can you purchase these on line. Not in my area.


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