Driving a Sporty Car

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Why is it that when you get your driver's license you are ready to run out to to a car dealership like the one here: www.chevymalibuwheelingil.com and buy a car? To me, buying my first car was a huge deal and I got away with an oldie, but goodie. My first car was a candy apple red Chevy Beretta. I paid $500 for this gem and it was the epitome of sportiness. It was a two-door sedan and was complete with a sunroof. I was warned by so many people that the police like to pull over red cars but I don't think I was ever pulled over once in that car. It had just about everything a girl could want and I loved that car. Well, it finally bit the dust and I ended up looking for a different car.

I didn't really get a nice car until several purchases later but when I finally got the "car of my dreams", it was well worth the wait. The first time I saw the 1998 Chevy Monte Carlo I fell in love. It was a tan colored car with gorgeous tinted windows the whole way around. On each door window, there were sporty rain guards that looked so great and they worked well too! When I took that car for a test drive, it rode like a dream and truly, it fell in love with me too. :) My dad was very cautious (as he typically was when it came to me buying a new car) and had the car put on a lift so he could look at the undercarriage. Once my dad had given his approval, we went into the small dealership to sign the paperwork. Oh boy, was I excited. I still remember the day we went to pick up the car. When I finally got behind the wheel of MY CAR I felt so proud. 

My Monte Carlo was a really good car for highway driving and we (my car and I) could leave any car in the dust. Actually, the dust we left some in got us pulled over one day for speeding but that was my one and only speeding ticket I ever had gotten...and still is my only speeding ticket to this day. :) Driving a sportier car is definitely fun but you do have to be careful to not let it go to your head. 

When I finally had to sell that wonderful car, it was a sad day. I traded it in for a leased vehicle and leaving that beautiful Monte Carlo behind was bittersweet. Two door vehicles are great...for a single person but not for a family. We needed a four door for our growing family but I would go back to that Monte Carlo in a heartbeat. What a great car!! :)

This is a sponsored post however; all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. 

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