Ever Try A Low Carb Diet?

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Soooo, I think we are about a month away from our big weigh in date. For those of you who don't know what I am talking about, my siblings and I are in a weight loss competition in honor of my brother's June wedding. The winner will get a $120 VISA gift card so needless to say, I have been busting my chub here. :) Losing weight is NOT easy and is something I have tried to do for years. I have to say though that this attempt has been good. I have been successful in so many ways and feel better already.

In thinking along the lines of dieting, have you ever tried a low carb diet? Carbs are pretty nasty critters...they turn into sugar, which translates to calories which in turn ends up making you fat. Yeah, not good. I think the hardest part about eating low carb is actually finding food that is good to eat. I found some great food here at PB2 and some of it looks pretty yummy! That is the second problem with low carb diets...food that TASTES good and not like sawdust.

I have been on yeast-free diets which pretty much translates into carb-free dieting. Carbs are breads, starchy foods and other things like that. Also, isn't it interesting that diabetics have to watch their carbs too simply because carbs become sugar? Amazing. I never knew that until recently when a friend was diagnosed with diabetes.

So, have you ever been on a low carb diet and if so, how did it work for you? I know it is a hard diet to be on but SO worth it. I should try it again, just to get me over the hump I am in right now. Leave me a comment and let me know what you have done and how it worked for you! I would love to hear your story.

This is a sponsored post however, all thoughts and ideas are 100% mine.

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  1. I did a Low Carb diet a few years back and lost a consistant 1-2 kg every week.

    I was allowed 2/3 cup of Special K for breakfast OR 1 slice of Bread that was the sum of my carb intake daily.

    I felt terrible at the end of the first week but looking back it was withdrawl from sugar :) After that it was the best I had felt in years!

    As a matter of fact I am going back on it on Monday :)

    Oh and I had to walk for 1 hour 6 days a week. On the weeks I did not walk I only lost 500 grams :(

    Here is a sample of the kinds of foods we ate for lunch and dinner


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