I Love Nasal Spray!

2:28 PM

We are heading out of cold and flu season and are getting ready for the warm weather of summer...finally! While I love winter, I do welcome the warmer weather simply because it means my children can spend some more time outdoors playing and getting fresh air. This past winter was wonderful for us in terms of avoiding colds and flu bugs (we had minor ones, but nothing major), but when I was sick, I found myself addicted to afrin. Because I am a breastfeeding mom, I can take NOTHING when it comes to medications for colds and flus, which stinks. I am fighting a mild cold right now and hubby bought some cold medicine yesterday. However, I can't take any of it. Isaac is not nursing as much but I still don't want to take anything that would get in my milk and be transferred to him.

So, the reason I love using Afrin is because it works. I had never used any type of nasal spray prior to "meeting" Afrin but once I tried it, I was hooked. Not only did it clear up my congestion but it also kept the congestion away for 12+ hours. This is something I had NEVER experienced even with cold medicine. I loved the fact that I took something for a stuffy nose and it kept the stuffy nose "un-stuffed" for a long time. 

Now that we are heading into summer that means that the seasonal allergies will be kicking in and once again, my nose may be getting stuffy. When we moved to this house I made sure the Afrin was in an easy place to find so that if I needed it, it would be quickly available. Just know that if you use this nasal spray you will need a box of tissues handy. It really clears you out!! 

Afrin has become a huge favorite for me and I always tell everyone about it. My husband found it to be too strong for him but because I am so limited as to what I can use, I think it works great for me! Try it out sometime...I am sure you will be impressed with it's capabilities! 

This is a sponsored post however, all thoughts and ideas are 100% mine. 

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