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Protecting Your Elderly Loved Ones

6:30 AM

You know, the elderly are some of the most cherished people on this planet. Some of you may have elderly parents and some of you may have grandparents that are getting up in age. My grandparents passed away when I was still a teenager and I miss them terribly. My great-grandmother, with whom I had a fantastic relationship, lived to be well into her 90's before she passed away and I remember her so well. She was just one of those types of ladies who was the PERFECT great-grandmother.

As she became older, she began to have spells where she would fall and not be able to get up. She was still able to live on her own but needed nurses to come and help her every day. I would hate to hear that she had a spell and wondered how long it would be until she was needing an assisted living facility
Eventually, my grandmother set her up with a life-line necklace that would give her the assistance she would need at the touch of a button. I have recently heard of a company that offers these types of necklaces for the elderly and they have really come a long way in the technology behind these devices! The ones offered by this company can give your loved one 24/7 nurse help line access if they have a medical or non-medical emergency. I love the idea of this because it will give help when help is needed. Sometimes, my great grandmother had problems that weren't urgent and she would call her daughter. Well, if my grandmother was not available, this particular company would have a way for her to get help without having to call her daughter. 

So, when my parents get to a point in their life where they are requiring a bit more assistance, I am definitely going to be looking into one of these types of necklaces that offer help at the push of a button. What a reassurance it would be just knowing that they would have immediate assistance anytime and anywhere...even if I wasn't able to help them. 

This is a sponsored post however, all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. 

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